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21-Jul-2012Should we screen for type 2 diabetes: Yes/NoKhunti, K; Davies, M; Goyder, E; Payne, N; Irwig, LJournal Article
6-Jul-2012Diagnostic performance of using one- or two-HbA1c cut-point strategies to detect undiagnosed type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose regulation within a multi-ethnic population.Mostafa, S; Khunti, K; Kilpatrick, E; Webb, D; Srinivasan, B; Gray, L; Davies, MJournal Article
Apr-2011Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in South Asians.Gholap, N; Davies, M; Patel, K; Sattar, N; Khunti, KJournal Article
Apr-2011Type 2 diabetes in younger adults: clinical characteristics, diabetes-related complications and management of risk factors.Benhalima, K; Wilmot, E; Khunti, K; Gray, LJ; Lawrence, I; Davies, MJournal Article
2012Should we screen for type 2 diabetes: Yes.Khunti, K; Davies, MJournal Article
Aug-2012Primary prevention of cardiovascular disease using validated risk scores: A systematic review.Willis, A; Davies, M; Yates, T; Khunti, KJournal Article
Feb-2010The association between depression and health-related quality of life in people with type 2 diabetes: a systematic literature review.Ali, S; Stone, M; Skinner, TC; Robertson, N; Davies, M; Khunti, KJournal Article
Jan-2012Exenatide: Role in management of type 2 diabetes and associated cardiovascular risk factorsHtike, ZZ; Khunti, K; Davies, MJournal Article
Mar-2012Influences on the uptake of diabetes screening: a qualitative study in primary care.Eborall, H; Stone, M; Aujla, N; Taub, N; Davies, M; Khunti, KJournal Article
Jun-2010Glycaemic goals in patients with type 2 diabetes: current status, challenges and recent advances.Khunti, K; Davies, MJournal Article