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29-May-2012Walking away from type 2 diabetes: trial protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating a structured education programme in those at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.Yates, Thomas; Davies, Melanie J.; Henson, Joe; Troughton, Jacqui; Edwardson, Charlotte; Gray, Laura J.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
20-May-2012Let's prevent diabetes: study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial of an educational intervention in a multi-ethnic UK population with screen detected impaired glucose regulation.Gray, Laura J.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Williams, Sian; Goldby, Stephanie; Troughton, Jacqui; Yates, Thomas; Gray, Alastair; Davies, Melanie J.Journal Article
19-Oct-2011Defining obesity cut-off points for migrant South Asians.Gray, Laura J.; Yates, Thomas; Davies, Melanie J.; Brady, Emer; Webb, David R.; Sattar, N.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
29-Oct-2013Sedentary Time and Markers of Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation in a High Risk PopulationHenson, Joseph; Yates, Thomas; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Talbot, D.; Gray, L. J.; Leigh, T. M.; Carter, Patrice; Davies, Melanie J.Journal Article
23-Dec-2014The association between neighbourhood greenspace and type 2 diabetes in a large cross-sectional studyBodicoat, Danielle H.; O'Donovan, Gary; Dalton, A. M.; Gray, Laura J.; Yates, Thomas; Edwardson, Charlotte; Hill, Sian; Webb, David R.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.; Jones, A. P.Journal Article
31-Oct-2014Is the number of fast-food outlets in the neighbourhood related to screen-detected type 2 diabetes mellitus and associated risk factors?Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Carter, Patrice; Comber, Alexis; Edwardson, Charlotte; Gray, Laura J.; Hill, Sian; Webb, David; Yates, Thomas; Davies, Melanie J.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
8-Dec-2011Rationale and study design for a randomised controlled trial to reduce sedentary time in adults at risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus: project STAND (Sedentary Time ANd diabetes).Wilmot, Emma G.; Davies, Melanie J.; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Gorely, Trish; Khunti, Kamlesh; Nimmo, Myra; Yates, Thomas; Biddle, Stuart J.H.Journal Article
10-Nov-2014Associations of Sedentary Time with Fat Distribution in a High-Risk Population.Henson, Joseph; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Morgan, Bruno; Horsfield, Mark A.; Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Biddle, S. J.; Gorely, T.; Nimmo, M. A.; McCann, Gerry P.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.; Yates, ThomasJournal Article
23-Jul-2008Rationale, design and baseline data from the PREPARE (Pre-diabetes Risk Education and Physical Activity Recommendation and Encouragement) programme study: a randomized controlled trial.Yates, Thomas; Davies, Melanie J.; Gorely, Trish; Bull, Fiona; Khunti, KamleshArticle
3-Jul-2008Walking and Inflammatory Markers in Individuals Screened for Type 2 Diabetes.Yates, Thomas; Davies, Melanie J.; Brady, Emer Margaret; Webb, David; Gorely, Trish; Bull, Fiona; Talbot, Duncan; Sattar, Naveed; Khunti, KamleshArticle