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2007Pharmacological and lifestyle interventions to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in people with impaired glucose tolerance: systematic review and meta-analysisGillies, Clare Louise; Abrams, Keith R.; Lambert, Paul C.; Cooper, Nicola J.; Sutton, Alex J.; Hsu, Ronald T.; Khunti, KamleshArticle
2005Community screening for left ventricular systolic dysfunction using plasma and urinary natriuretic peptidesNg, L.L.; Loke, I.W.; Davies, Joan E.; Geeranavar, S.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Stone, Margaret A.; Chin, D.T.; Squire, Iain B.Article
2006Mixed comparison of stroke prevention treatments in individuals with nonrheumatic atrial fibrillationCooper, Nicola J.; Sutton, Alex J.; Lu, G.; Khunti, KamleshArticle
2006Randomised controlled trial of near-patient testing for glycated haemoglobin in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus.Khunti, Kamlesh; Stone, Margaret A.; Burden, A.C.; Turner, David A.; Raymond, N.T.; Burden, M.; Baker, RichardArticle
2007Disease management programme for secondary prevention of coronary heart disease and heart failure in primary care: a cluster randomised controlled trialKhunti, Kamlesh; Stone, Margaret A.; Paul, S.; Baines, J.; Gisborne, L.; Farooqi, Azhar; Luan, X.; Squire, Iain B.Article
24-May-2008Different strategies for screening and prevention of type 2 diabetes in adults: cost effectiveness analysisGillies, Clare L.; Lambert, Paul C.; Abrams, Keith R.; Sutton, Alex J.; Cooper, Nicola J.; Hsu, Ron T.; Davies, Melanie J.; Khunti, KamleshArticle
2007Psychological morbidity and illness appraisals of patients with cardiac and non-cardiac chest pain attending a Rapid Access Chest Pain clinic: A longitudinal cohort study.Robertson, N.; Javed, N.; Samani, N.J.; Khunti, KamleshArticle
14-Feb-2008Effectiveness of the diabetes education and self management for ongoing and newly diagnosed (DESMOND) programme for people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes: cluster randomised controlled trialDavies, Melanie J.; Heller, S.; Skinner, T.C.; Campbell, M.J.; Carey, M.E.; Cradock, S.; Dallosso, H.M.; Daly, H.; Doherty, Y.; Eaton, S.; Fox, C.; Oliver, L.; Rantell, K.; Rayman, G.; Khunti, KamleshArticle
12-Jun-2007Ethnic disparities in diabetes management and pay-for-performance in the UK: the Wandsworth Prospective Diabetes Study.Millett, C.; Gray, J.; Saxena, S.; Netuveli, G.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Majeed, A.Journal Article
9-Nov-2009The prevalence of depression in white-European and South-Asian people with impaired glucose regulation and screen-detected type 2 diabetes mellitus.Aujla, Navneet; Abrams, Keith R.; Davies, Melanie J.; Taub, Nick; Skinner, T. C.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article