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Jun-2012In vitro siRNA-mediated knockdown of the UT receptor: implications of density on the efficacy of a range of UT ligands.Hunt, BD; Ng, LL; Lambert, DGJournal Article
Jan-2011Opioid mechanisms and opioid drugsMcDonald, J; Lambert, DGJournal Article
Dec-2011Direct effect of morphine on breast cancer cell function in vitro: Role of the NET1 geneEcimovic, P; Buggy, DJ; Murray, D; Doran, P; McDonald, J; Lambert, DG; Buggy, DJJournal Article
Feb-2012Pharmacological characterization of the bifunctional opioid ligand H-Dmt-Tic-Gly-NH-Bzl (UFP-505).Dietis, N; McDonald, J; Molinari, S; Calo, G; Guerrini, R; Rowbotham, DJ; Lambert, DGJournal Article
24-Jul-2012[Dmt(1) ]N/OFQ(1-13)-NH(2) , a potent nociceptin/orphanin FQ and opioid receptor universal agonist.Molinari, S; Camarda, V; Rizzi, A; Marzola, G; Salvadori, S; Marzola, E; Molinari, P; McDonald, J; Ko, MC; Lambert, DG; Calo', G; Guerrini, RJournal Article
Jul-2010A rat brain atlas of urotensin-II receptor expression and a review of central urotensin-II effects.Hunt, BD; Ng, LL; Lambert, DGJournal Article
Oct-2011Controlling cancer pain: Is morphine the best we can do?Dietis, N; Lambert, DG; Rowbotham, DJJournal Article
Mar-2012Drugs used to treat muscle and joint diseaseLambert, DGJournal Article
Mar-2012Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugsLambert, DGJournal Article
Mar-2012Evaluation of primary opioid receptor antibodies for use in western blotting.Niwa, H; Rowbotham, DJ; Lambert, DGJournal Article