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Jan-2008Experimental renal preservation by normothermic resuscitation perfusion with autologous blood.Bagul, A; Hosgood, SA; Kaushik, M; Kay, MD; Waller, HL; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Jan-2005Comparison of renal allograft fibrosis after transplantation from heart-beating and non-heart-beating donors.Bains, JC; Sandford, RM; Brook, NR; Hosgood, SA; Lewis, GR; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Oct-2009Comparison of preservation solutions in an experimental model of organ cooling in kidney transplantation.Kay, MD; Hosgood, SA; Bagul, A; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Nov-2008Case-control comparison of laparoscopic and open washout for peritoneal dialysis-associated peritonitis.Barlow, AD; Yates, PJ; Hosgood, SA; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Aug-2008Application of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide in a model of renal preservation.Hosgood, SA; Bagul, A; Kaushik, M; Rimoldi, J; Gadepalli, RS; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Nov-2006Biomarkers of oxidative damage to predict ischaemia-reperfusion injury in an isolated organ perfusion model of the transplanted kidney.Waller, HL; Harper, SJ; Hosgood, SA; Bagul, A; Yang, B; Kay, MD; Kaushik, M; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Jan-2007Static normothermic preservation of renal allografts using a novel nonphosphate buffered preservation solution.Kay, MD; Hosgood, SA; Harper, SJ; Bagul, A; Waller, HL; Rees, D; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
May-2008Effects of erythropoietin on ischaemia/reperfusion injury in a controlled nonheart beating donor kidney model.Bagul, A; Hosgood, SA; Kaushik, M; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
Jul-2007Differential expression of cytoprotective and apoptotic genes in an ischaemia-reperfusion isolated organ perfusion model of the transplanted kidneyWaller, HL; Waller, HL; Harper, SJF; Hosgood, SA; Bagul, A; Kay, MD; Kaushik, M; Yang, B; Bicknell, GR; Nicholson, MLJournal Article
2002A paired study comparing the efficacy of renal preservation by normothermic autologous blood perfusion and hypothermic pulsatile perfusionMetcalfe, MS; Waller, JR; Hosgood, SA; Shaw, M; Nicholson, ML; Hassanein, W; Nicholson, MLJournal Article