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Sep-2005Dynamic cerebral autoregulation during brain activation paradigms.Panerai, RB; Moody, M; Eames, PJ; Potter, JFJournal Article
Feb-2010Dynamic cerebral autoregulation is compromised acutely following mild ischaemic stroke but not transient ischaemic attack.Atkins, ER; Brodie, FG; Rafelt, SE; Panerai, RB; Robinson, TGJournal Article
Mar-2010Continuous estimates of dynamic cerebral autoregulation during transient hypocapnia and hypercapnia.Dineen, NE; Brodie, FG; Robinson, TG; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Oct-2009Acute hypoxia impairs dynamic cerebral autoregulation: results from two independent techniques.Subudhi, AW; Panerai, RB; Roach, RCJournal Article
Aug-2003Effect of aging on dynamic cerebral autoregulation during head-up tilt.Carey, BJ; Panerai, RB; Potter, JFJournal Article
Apr-2010Effects of hypobaric hypoxia on cerebral autoregulation.Subudhi, AW; Panerai, RB; Roach, RCJournal Article
Jul-2005Assessment of cerebral autoregulation from ectopic heartbeats.Eames, PJ; Potter, JF; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Mar-2011Non-linear multivariate modeling of cerebral hemodynamics with autoregressive Support Vector Machines.Chacon, M; Araya, C; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Jul-2007Influence of noninvasive peripheral arterial blood pressure measurements on assessment of dynamic cerebral autoregulation.Sammons, EL; Samani, NJ; Smith, SM; Rathbone, WE; Bentley, S; Potter, JF; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Feb-2004Influence of controlled breathing patterns on cerebrovascular autoregulation and cardiac baroreceptor sensitivity.Eames, PJ; Potter, JF; Panerai, RBJournal Article