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Jun-2010Impact of metabolic indices on central artery stiffness: independent association of insulin resistance and glucose with aortic pulse wave velocity.Webb, DR; Khunti, K; Silverman, R; Gray, LJ; Srinivasan, B; Lacy, PS; Williams, B; Davies, MJJournal Article
1-Mar-2005Blood pressure and outcomes in clinical trialsWilliams, B; Lacy, PSJournal Article
6-Jan-2009Impact of statin therapy on central aortic pressures and hemodynamics: principal results of the Conduit Artery Function Evaluation-Lipid-Lowering Arm (CAFE-LLA) Study.Williams, B; Lacy, PS; Cruickshank, JK; Collier, D; Hughes, AD; Stanton, A; Thom, S; Thurston, H; CAFE and ASCOT InvestigatorsJournal Article
Aug-2010Central haemodynamics and clinical outcomes: Going beyond brachial blood pressure?Williams, B; Lacy, PSJournal Article
Jun-2009Central aortic pressure and clinical outcomesWilliams, B; Lacy, PS; Williams, BJournal Article
May-2004Rapid telomere attrition in cardiac tissue of the ageing Wistar rat.Hastings, R; Li, NC; Lacy, PS; Patel, H; Herbert, KE; Stanley, AG; Williams, BJournal Article
Aug-2004Telomere attrition and accumulation of senescent cells in cultured human endothelial cells.Hastings, R; Qureshi, M; Verma, R; Lacy, PS; Williams, BJournal Article
Oct-2004Increased pulse wave velocity is not associated with elevated augmentation index in patients with diabetesLacy, PS; O'Brien, DG; Stanley, AG; Dewar, MM; Swales, PPR; Williams, BJournal Article
Oct-2006Response to letters regarding article, "Differential impact of blood pressure-lowering drugs on central aortic pressure and clinical outcomes: Principal results of the Conduit Artery Function Evaluation (CAFE) Study" [5]Williams, B; Lacy, PS; Thurston, H; Thom, S; Hughes, A; Cruickshank, K; Stanton, A; Collier, D; O'Rourke, MJournal Article
22-Feb-2011Development and validation of a novel method to derive central aortic systolic pressure from the radial pressure waveform using an N-point moving average method.Williams, B; Lacy, PS; Yan, P; Hwee, CN; Liang, C; Ting, CMJournal Article