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1-Sep-1998Induction of cell death by stimulation of protein kinase C in human epithelial cells expressing a mutant ras oncogene: a potential therapeutic targetHall-Jackson, CA; Jones, T; Eccles, NG; Dawson, TP; Bond, JA; Gescher, A; Wynford-Thomas, DJournal Article
1992Is metabolism an important arbiter of anticancer activity of ether lipids? Metabolism of SRI 62-834 and hexadecylphosphocholine by [P]-NMR spectroscopy and comparison of their cytotoxicities with those of their metabolitesBishop, FE; Dive, C; Freeman, S; Gescher, AJournal Article
Jul-1991Medicinal azides. Part 8. The in vitro metabolism of p-substituted phenyl azides.Nicholls, D; Gescher, A; Griffin, RJJournal Article
1991Investigation of the chemical basis of nitroalkane toxicity: Tautomerism and decomposition of propane 1- and 2-nitronate under physiological conditionsLinhart, I; Gescher, A; Goodwin, BJournal Article
1999Antioxidant effects of isoflavonoids and lignans, and protection against DNA oxidationHarper, A; Chipman, JK; Kerr, DJ; Gescher, AJournal Article
1999All-trans-retinoic acid increases cytosine arabinoside cytotoxicity in HL-60 human leukemia cells in spite of decreased cellular ara-CTP accumulationFreund, A; Rössig, C; Lanvers, C; Hohenlöchter, B; Jürgens, H; Boos, J; Freund, A; Gescher, A; Boos, JJournal Article
1993Effects of 1,1-dichloroethene and of some of its metabolites on the functional viability of mouse hepatocytesKainz, A; Cross, H; Freeman, S; Gescher, A; Chipman, JKJournal Article
1995Modulators of signal transduction as cancer chemotherapeutic agents - Novel mechanisms and toxicitiesGescher, AJournal Article
3-May-1996Effect of quercetin on the genotoxic potential of cisplatin.Cross, HJ; Tilby, M; Chipman, JK; Ferry, DR; Gescher, AJournal Article
1992Assessment of viability of hepatocytes in suspension using the MTT assaySchiller, CD; Kainz, A; Mynett, K; Gescher, AJournal Article