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Apr-1996Novel markers for constitutive secretion used to show that tissue plasminogen activator is sorted to the regulated pathway in transfected PC12 cells.Harrison, TM; Chidgey, MA; Uff, SJournal Article
Dec-1996Tissue distribution of 2-(2-nitro-4-trifluoromethylbenzoyl)cyclohexane-1,3-dione (NTBC): Effect on enzymes involved in tyrosine catabolism and relevance to ocular toxicity in the ratLock, EA; Gaskin, P; Ellis, MK; Provan, WM; Robinson, M; Smith, LL; Prisbylla, MP; Mutter, LC; Smith, LLJournal Article
1996Parasite infection alters schooling behaviour: Deviant positioning of helminth-infected minnows in conspecific groupsBarber, I; Huntingford, FAJournal Article
1996A cereal centromeric sequenceAragón-Alcaide, L; Miller, T; Schwarzacher, T; Reader, S; Moore, GJournal Article
Nov-1996The serial organisation of behaviour by non-human primates; an evaluation of experimental paradigmsDe Lillo, CarloArticle
1996StereotypesJones, Edward E.; Colman, Andrew M.Book chapter
1996Responses to Music in the Real WorldNorth, Adrian C.Thesis
1996The relative influence of delayed graft function and acute rejection on renal transplant survivalNicholson, ML; Wheatley, TJ; Horsburgh, T; Edwards, CM; Veitch, PS; Bell, PRFJournal Article
1996Equivocal Rulings on Expert Psychological and Psychiatric Evidence: Turning a muddle into a nonsenseMackay, R.D.; Colman, Andrew M.Article
Mar-1996Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of human cytochrome P450 reductaseZhao, Q; Driessen, HPC; Smith, G; Paine, M; Wolf, RC; Modi, S; Lian, L-Y; Primrose, WU; Roberts, GCK; David, TJournal Article