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Jun-1999A study of cardiovascular disease, depression and antidepressants on a computerised general practice databaseTyrer, F; Lawrenson, RA; Farmer, RDT; Tyrer, FJournal Article
1999Tamoxifen induces G:C→T:A mutations in the cII gene in the liver of lambda/lacI transgenic rats but not at 5'-CpG-3' dinucleotide sequences as found in the lacI transgeneDavies, R; Gant, TW; Smith, LL; Styles, JAJournal Article
1999Compartmentalized uterotrophic effects of tamoxifen, toremifene, and estradiol in the ovariectomized Wistar (Han) ratCarthew, P; Edwards, RE; Nolan, BM; Tucker, MJ; Smith, LLJournal Article
23-Dec-1999Dominant negative mutations in human PPARγ associated with severe insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus and hypertensionBarroso, I; Maslen, GL; Schafer, AJ; Gurnell, M; Crowley, VEF; Agostini, M; Soos, MA; Chatterjee, VKK; O'Rahilly, S; Crowley, VEF; Soos, MA; O'Rahilly, S; Schwabe, JW; Williams, TDM; Lewis, HJournal Article
1999An in vitro analysis of the output of salbutamol from different nebulizersBarry, PW; O'Callaghan, C; Barry, PWJournal Article
1999A comparative analysis of the particle size output of beclomethasone diproprionate, salmeterol xinafoate and fluticasone propionate metered dose inhalers used with the Babyhaler, Volumatic and Aerochamber spacer devicesBarry, PW; O'Callaghan, C; Barry, PWJournal Article
29-Oct-1999Interaction between NTF2 and xFxFG-containing nucleoporins is required to mediate nuclear import of RanGDP.Bayliss, R; Ribbeck, K; Akin, D; Kent, HM; Feldherr, CM; Görlich, D; Stewart, MJournal Article
Feb-1999NMR spectroscopy in structure-based drug designRoberts, GCKJournal Article
15-Dec-1999H-1-N-15 HMQC for the identification of metal-bound histidines in Cd-113-substituted Bacillus cereus zinc beta-lactamaseDamblon, C; Prosperi, C; Lian, LY; Barsukov, I; Soto, RP; Galleni, M; Frere, JM; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
21-Aug-1999Methods in health service research: An introduction to bayesian methods in health technology and assessmentSpiegelhalter, David J.; Myles, Jonathan P.; Jones, David R.; Abrams, Keith R.Article