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Sep-2003'Everywhere and nowhere': Locating and understanding the 'new' public healthMacKian, S; Elliott, H; Busby, H; Popay, JJournal Article
2003Native American Y chromosomes in Polynesia: the genetic impact of the Polynesian slave tradeHurles, Matthew E.; Maund, Emma; Nicholson, Jayne; Bosch, Elena; Renfrew, Colin; Sykes, Bryan C.; Jobling, Mark A.Article
2003Stimulation of Staphylococcus epidermidis growth and biofilm formation by catecholamine inotropesLyte, Mark; Freestone, Primrose P.E.; Neal, Christopher P.; Olson, B.A.; Haigh, Richard D.; Bayston, R.; Williams, Peter H.Article
Nov-2003Do male two-spotted gobies prefer large fecund females?Pélabon, C; Borg, ÅA; Forsgren, E; Amundsen, T; Bjelvenmark, J; Forsgren, E; Barber, IJournal Article
Mar-2003LIS: The interdisciplinary research landscapeMcNicol, SJournal Article
Dec-2003The relationship between HIV seroconversion illness, HIV test interval and time to AIDS in a seroconverter cohortTyrer, F; Walker, AS; Gillett, J; Porter, KJournal Article
8-Oct-2003Decreased Temporal Precision of Auditory Signaling in Kcna1-Null Mice: An Electrophysiological Study In VivoKopp-Scheinpflug, Cornelia; Fuchs, Katja; Lippe, William R.; Tempel, Bruce L.; Rübsamen, RudolfJournal Article
Oct-2003Structural basis of Aurora-A activation by TPX2 at the mitotic spindleBayliss, R; Conti, E; Sardon, T; Vernos, IJournal Article
2003Partial agonist behaviour depends upon the level of nociceptin/orphanin FQ receptor expression: studies using the ecdysone-inducible mammalian expression system.McDonald, J.; Barnes, T.A.; Okawa, H.; Williams, J.; Calo, G.; Rowbotham, D.J.; Lambert, D.G.Article
27-Feb-2003The antiinflammatory endothelial tyrosine kinase Tie2 interacts with a novel nuclear factor-kB inhibitor ABIN-2Hughes, David P.; Marron, Marie B.; Brindle, Nicholas P.J.Article