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Jan-2006Determinants of response to first HAART regimen in antiretroviral-naïve patients with an estimated time since HIV seroconversionThiébaut, R; Jacqmin-Gadda, H; Thiébaut, R; Dabis, F; Chêne, G; Walker, AS; Porter, K; Sabin, C; Prins, M; Del Amo J; Thiébaut, R; Dabis, F; Chêne, G; Lawson-Ayayi, S; Meyer, L; Boufassa, F; Hamouda, O; Poggensee, G; Rezza, G; Longo, B; Pezzotti, P; Touloumi, G; Hatzakis, A; Karafoulidou, A; Katsarou, O; Brettle, R; Del Amo J; del Romero J; Prins, M; Coutinho, R; van Asten L; van der Bij A; Geskus, R; Pedersen, C; Hernández Aguado I; Pérez-Hoyos, S; Eskild, A; Bruun, JN; Sannes, M; Sabin, C; Lee, C; Porter, K; Darbyshire, JH; Gill, N; Babiker, A; Francioli, P; Vanhems, P; Egger, M; Rickenbach, M; Cooper, D; Kaldor, J; Cooper, D; Kaldor, J; Ramacciotti, T; Smith, D; Muga, R; Tor, J; Vanhems, P; Gill, J; Cayla, J; Garcia de Olalla P; Day, NE; De Angelis D; Beral, V; Tyrer, FJournal Article
May-2006Erratum: (Journal of Intellectual Disability Research) (301))Tyrer, FJournal Article
2-Aug-2006NMR structure of the three quasi RNA recognition motifs (qRRMs) of human hnRNP F and interaction studies with Bcl-x G-tract RNA: a novel mode of RNA recognitionDominguez, Cyril; Allain, Frédéric H.-T.Journal Article
Sep-2006Biobanks, bioethics and concepts of donated blood in the UK.Busby, HJournal Article
May-2006Effect of inter-miniband tunneling on current resonances due to the formation of stochastic conduction networks in superlatticesHardwick, DPA; Naylor, SL; Bujkiewicz, S; Fromhold, TM; Fowler, D; Patanè, A; Eaves, L; Krokhin, AA; Wilkinson, PB; Henini, M; Sheard, FW; Hardwick, DPA; Naylor, SL; Bujkiewicz, S; Fromhold, TM; Fowler, D; Patanè, A; Eaves, L; Krokhin, AA; Wilkinson, PB; Henini, M; Sheard, FWJournal Article
Jul-2006Child witness support and preparation: Are parents/caregivers ignored?Crawford, E; Bull, R; Bull, RJournal Article
Oct-2006Non-DNA binding, dominant-negative, human PPARgamma mutations cause lipodystrophic insulin resistance.Agostini, M; Schoenmakers, E; Mitchell, C; Szatmari, I; Savage, D; Smith, A; Rajanayagam, O; Semple, R; Luan, J; Bath, L; Zalin, A; Labib, M; Kumar, S; Simpson, H; Blom, D; Marais, D; Schwabe, J; Barroso, I; Trembath, R; Wareham, N; Nagy, L; Gurnell, M; O'Rahilly, S; Chatterjee, KJournal Article
Dec-2006International Union of Pharmacology. LXVI. Orphan nuclear receptors.Benoit, G; Cooney, A; Giguere, V; Ingraham, H; Lazar, M; Muscat, G; Perlmann, T; Renaud, JP; Schwabe, J; Sladek, F; Tsai, MJ; Laudet, VJournal Article
2006British South Asian communities and infertility servicesCulley, L.; Hudson, N.; Rapport, F.; Katbamna, Savita; Johnson, M.Article
2006Resonance assignments of the complex between TraN and the C-terminal domain of TraO from the conjugative plasmid pKM101.Harris, R; Bayliss, R; Waksman, G; Driscoll, PCJournal Article