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Nov-2007KCa3.1 Ca2+ activated K+ channels regulate human airway smooth muscle proliferation.Shepherd, MC; Duffy, SM; Harris, T; Cruse, G; Schuliga, M; Brightling, CE; Neylon, CB; Bradding, P; Stewart, AGJournal Article
Nov-2009Airway smooth muscle chemokine receptor expression and function in asthma.Saunders, R; Sutcliffe, A; Kaur, D; Siddiqui, S; Hollins, F; Wardlaw, A; Bradding, P; Brightling, CJournal Article
Jun-2007Leukotriene B4 production in healthy subjects carrying variants of the arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein gene associated with a risk of myocardial infarction.Maznyczka, A; Mangino, M; Whittaker, A; Braund, P; Palmer, T; Tobin, M; Goodall, AH; Bradding, P; Samani, NJJournal Article
Jun-2006The role of the mast cell in the pathophysiology of asthma.Bradding, P; Walls, AF; Holgate, STJournal Article
Oct-2007Vascular remodeling is a feature of asthma and nonasthmatic eosinophilic bronchitis.Siddiqui, S; Sutcliffe, A; Shikotra, A; Woodman, L; Doe, C; McKenna, S; Wardlaw, A; Bradding, P; Pavord, I; Brightling, CJournal Article
Nov-2003Inhibition of human mast cell proliferation and survival by tamoxifen in association with ion channel modulation.Duffy, SM; Lawley, WJ; Kaur, D; Yang, W; Bradding, PJournal Article
May-2007Mast cell infiltration of airway smooth muscle in asthma.Bradding, P; Brightling, CJournal Article
Mar-2005Sputum eosinophilia and the short term response to inhaled mometasone in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Brightling, CE; McKenna, S; Hargadon, B; Birring, S; Green, R; Siva, R; Berry, M; Parker, D; Monteiro, W; Pavord, ID; Bradding, PJournal Article
Aug-2006Mast cell migration to Th2 stimulated airway smooth muscle from asthmatics.Sutcliffe, A; Kaur, D; Page, S; Woodman, L; Armour, CL; Baraket, M; Bradding, P; Hughes, JM; Brightling, CEJournal Article
Oct-2006Functional KCa3.1 K+ channels are required for human lung mast cell migration.Cruse, G; Duffy, SM; Brightling, CE; Bradding, PJournal Article