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Jul-2002Effect of metabolic inhibition on glimepiride block of native and cloned cardiac sarcolemmal K(ATP) channels.Lawrence, CL; Rainbow, RD; Davies, NW; Standen, NBJournal Article
Sep-2002A study of heredity as a risk factor in strabismus.Ziakas, NG; Woodruff, G; Smith, Lucy K.; Thompson, JRJournal Article
2002Important clinical outcomes in urogynecology: views of patients, nurses and medical staff.Tincello, DG; Alfirevic, ZJournal Article
Jul-2002Chewing and spitting out food among eating-disordered patients.Kovacs, D; Mahon, J; Palmer, RLJournal Article
15-Nov-2002Creative (dis)agreement in ergonomics.Stanton, NA; Stammers, RBJournal Article
Feb-2002Acute coronary syndromes: optimizing the therapeutic options.Gershlick, AHJournal Article
Jun-2002Invasive testing for the karyotyping of mid-trimester intrauterine fetal death (IUFD): a pilot study.Howarth, ES; Konje, JC; Healey, KA; Duckett, DP; Scudamore, IW; Taylor, DJJournal Article
Oct-2002Continuous cardiac baroreceptor measurement during tilt in healthy elderly subjects.Youde, J; Panerai, RB; Gillies, C; Potter, JFJournal Article
Apr-2002Endovascular repair of multiple peripheral aneurysms via a dual approach involving a venous graft conduit.Cutress, ML; Blanshard, K; Shaw, M; Bown, M; White, S; Sayers, RDJournal Article
Aug-2002Arterial perforation during infrainguinal lower limb angioplasty does not worsen outcome: results from 1409 patients.Hayes, PD; Chokkalingam, A; Jones, R; Bell, PR; Fishwick, G; Bolia, A; Naylor, ARJournal Article