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Jul-2003Duplicated inferior vena cava and crossed renal ectopia with abdominal aortic aneurysm: preoperative anatomic studies facilitate surgery.Shaw, MB; Cutress, M; Papavassiliou, V; White, S; Thompson, M; Sayers, RJournal Article
Oct-2003Does the type of prosthesis influence early left ventricular mass regression after aortic valve replacement? Assessment with magnetic resonance imaging.Sensky, PR; Loubani, M; Keal, RP; Samani, NJ; Sosnowski, AW; Galiñanes, MJournal Article
Nov-2003Early and late outcome after carotid artery bypass grafting with saphenous vein.Lauder, C; Kelly, A; Thompson, MM; London, NJ; Bell, PR; Naylor, ARJournal Article
Dec-2003Heterozygous mutations of the kinesin KIF21A in congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles type 1 (CFEOM1).Yamada, K; Andrews, C; Chan, WM; McKeown, CA; Magli, A; de Berardinis T; Loewenstein, A; Lazar, M; O'Keefe, M; Letson, R; London, A; Ruttum, M; Matsumoto, N; Saito, N; Morris, L; Del Monte M; Johnson, RH; Uyama, E; Houtman, WA; de Vries B; Carlow, TJ; Hart, BL; Krawiecki, N; Shoffner, J; Vogel, MC; Katowitz, J; Goldstein, SM; Levin, AV; Sener, EC; Ozturk, BT; Akarsu, AN; Brodsky, MC; Hanisch, F; Cruse, RP; Zubcov, AA; Robb, RM; Roggenkäemper, P; Gottlob, I; Kowal, L; Battu, R; Traboulsi, EI; Franceschini, P; Newlin, A; Demer, JL; Engle, ECJournal Article
Feb-2003Nicotine, alcohol and drug dependence, and psychiatric comorbidity--results of a national household survey.Farrell, M; Howes, S; Bebbington, P; Brugha, T; Jenkins, R; Lewis, G; Marsden, J; Taylor, C; Meltzer, HJournal Article
Dec-2003Prevalence and management of inflammatory bowel disease: a cross-sectional study from central England.Stone, MA; Mayberry, JF; Baker, RJournal Article
Jun-2003Improving and predicting radiosensitivity in muscle invasive bladder cancer.Colquhoun, AJ; Jones, GD; Moneef, MA; Bowman, KJ; Kockelbergh, RC; Symonds, RP; Steward, WP; Mellon, JKJournal Article
Sep-2003Life-threatening obstetric haemorrhage in second trimester from a placenta percreta with raised alpha-fetoprotein levels.Kapoor, DS; Tincello, DG; Kingston, REJournal Article
Feb-2003Urinary microalbumin/creatinine ratios: reference range in uncomplicated pregnancy.Waugh, J; Bell, SC; Kilby, MD; Lambert, PC; Blackwell, CN; Shennan, A; Halligan, AJournal Article
Jun-2003The effectiveness of protective clothing in the reduction of potential DNA contamination of the scene of crime.Rutty, GN; Hopwood, A; Tucker, VJournal Article