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Dec-2004Women's accounts of consenting to surgery: is consent a quality problem?Habiba, M; Jackson, C; Akkad, A; Kenyon, S; Dixon-Woods, MJournal Article
Aug-2008What do research ethics committees say about applications to do cancer trials?Dixon-Woods, M; Angell, E; Tarrant, C; Thomas, AJournal Article
Oct-2004Ending the doctor-patient relationship in general practice: a proposed model.Stokes, T; Dixon-Woods, M; McKinley, RKJournal Article
Jun-2005A qualitative study of choosing and using an NHS Walk-in Centre.Jackson, CJ; Dixon-Woods, M; Hsu, R; Kurinczuk, JJJournal Article
Jun-2004The problem of appraising qualitative research.Dixon-Woods, M; Shaw, RL; Agarwal, S; Smith, JAJournal Article
Mar-2009Doing accountability: a discourse analysis of research ethics committee letters.O'Reilly, M; Dixon-Woods, M; Angell, E; Ashcroft, R; Bryman, AJournal Article
Dec-2007Beyond "misunderstanding": written information and decisions about taking part in a genetic epidemiology study.Dixon-Woods, M; Ashcroft, RE; Jackson, CJ; Tobin, MD; Kivits, J; Burton, PR; Samani, NJJournal Article
Mar-2007Consent for childhood cancer tissue banking in the UK: the effect of the Human Tissue Act 2004.McHale, J; Habiba, M; Dixon-Woods, M; Cavers, D; Heney, D; Pritchard-Jones, KJournal Article
Apr-2006Participating in a trial in a critical situation: a qualitative study in pregnancy.Kenyon, S; Dixon-Woods, M; Jackson, CJ; Windridge, K; Pitchforth, EJournal Article
Dec-2007Towards a new era of tissue-based diagnosis and research.Sebire, NJ; Dixon-Woods, MJournal Article