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Nov-2011The development of a self-reported version of the chronic heart questionnaire.Evans, RA; Singh, SJ; Williams, JE; Morgan, MDJournal Article
Apr-2011Type 2 diabetes in younger adults: clinical characteristics, diabetes-related complications and management of risk factors.Benhalima, K; Wilmot, E; Khunti, K; Gray, LJ; Lawrence, I; Davies, MJournal Article
May-2011Circulating leukocyte and carotid atherosclerotic plaque telomere length: interrelation, association with plaque characteristics, and restenosis after endarterectomy.Huzen, J; Peeters, W; de Boer RA; Moll, FL; Wong, LS; Codd, V; de Kleijn DP; de Smet BJ; van Veldhuisen DJ; Samani, NJ; van Gilst WH; Pasterkamp, G; van der Harst PJournal Article
Aug-2011In-hospital outcomes of percutaneous coronary intervention in patients with chronic total occlusion: insights from the ERCTO (European Registry of Chronic Total Occlusion) registry.Galassi, AR; Tomasello, SD; Reifart, N; Werner, GS; Sianos, G; Bonnier, H; Sievert, H; Ehladad, S; Bufe, A; Shofer, J; Gershlick, A; Hildick-Smith, D; Escaned, J; Erglis, A; Sheiban, I; Thuesen, L; Serra, A; Christiansen, E; Buettner, A; Costanzo, L; Barrano, G; Di Mario CJournal Article
Feb-2011Mental health and health service use among post-national service veterans: results from the 2007 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey of England.Woodhead, C; Rona, RJ; Iversen, A; MacManus, D; Hotopf, M; Dean, K; McManus, S; Meltzer, H; Brugha, T; Jenkins, R; Wessely, S; Fear, NTJournal Article
Jan-2011Clinicians' views on the feasibility of surgical randomized trials in urogynecology: results of a questionnaire survey.Bakali, E; Pitchforth, E; Tincello, DG; Kenyon, S; Slack, M; Toozs-Hobson, P; Mayne, C; Jones, DR; Taylor, DJournal Article
Jan-2011Routine educational outcome measures in health studies: Key Stage 1 in the ORACLE Children Study follow-up of randomised trial cohorts.Jones, DR; Pike, K; Kenyon, S; Pike, L; Henderson, B; Brocklehurst, P; Marlow, N; Salt, A; Taylor, DJJournal Article
May-2011Effects of acetazolamide and dexamethasone on cerebral hemodynamics in hypoxia.Subudhi, AW; Dimmen, AC; Julian, CG; Wilson, MJ; Panerai, RB; Roach, RCJournal Article
May-2011Management of esophageal perforation and anastomotic leak by transluminal drainage.Williams, RN; Hall, AW; Sutton, CD; Ubhi, SS; Bowrey, DJJournal Article
Dec-2011Characteristics, complications and management of a large multiethnic cohort of younger adults with type 2 diabetes.Benhalima, K; Song, SH; Wilmot, EG; Khunti, K; Gray, LJ; Lawrence, I; Davies, MJournal Article