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31-Mar-2014Abnormal retinal development associated with FRMD7 mutationsThomas, M. G.; Crosier, M.; Lindsay, S.; Kumar, A.; Araki, M.; Leroy, B. P.; McLean, R. J.; Sheth, V.; Maconachie, G.; Thomas, S.; Moore, A. T.; Gottlob, IreneJournal Article
11-Oct-2014D prostanoid receptor 2 (chemoattractant receptor-homologous molecule expressed on TH2 cells) protein expression in asthmatic patients and its effects on bronchial epithelial cells.Stinson, Sally E.; Amrani, Yassine; Brightling, Christopher E.Journal Article
11-Feb-2014Driving with Binocular Visual Field Loss? A Study on a Supervised On-Road Parcours with Simultaneous Eye and Head TrackingKasneci, E.; Sippel, K.; Aehling, K.; Heister, M.; Rosenstiel, W.; Schiefer, U.; Papageorgiou, ElenaJournal Article
23-Oct-2014Is quadriceps endurance reduced in COPD?: A systematic reviewEvans, Rachael A.; Kaplovitch, Eric; Beauchamp, Marla K.; Dolmage, Thomas E.; Goldstein, Roger S.; Gillies, Clare L.; Brooks, Dina; Mathur, SunitaJournal Article
22-May-2014[Ca2+]i oscillations in ASM: relationship with persistent airflow obstruction in asthma.Sweeney, David; Hollins, Fay; Gomez, Edith; Saunders, Ruth Mary; Challiss, R.A. John; Brightling, Christopher E.Journal Article
5-Jun-2014Ventilatory requirements of quadriceps resistance training in people with COPD and healthy controlsHouchen-Wolloff, Linzy; Sandland, Carolyn J.; Harrison, Samantha L.; Menon, Manoj K.; Morgan, Mike Dally; Steiner, Michael Charles; Singh, Sally J.Journal Article
27-Jan-2014Mendelian randomization of blood lipids for coronary heart diseaseHolmes, M. V.; Asselbergs, F. W.; Palmer, T. M.; Drenos, F.; Lanktree, M. B.; Nelson, Christopher Paul; Dale, C. E.; Padmanabhan, S.; Finan, C.; Swerdlow, D. I.; Tragante, V.; van Iperen, E. P.; Sivapalaratnam, S.; Shah, S.; Elbers, C. C.; Shah, T.; Engmann, J.; Giambartolomei, C.; White, J.; Zabaneh, D.; Sofat, R.; McLachlan, S.; UCLEB consortium; Doevendans, P. A.; Balmforth, A. J.; Hall, A. S.; North, K. E.; Almoguera, B.; Hoogeveen, R. C.; Cushman, M.; Fornage, M.; Patel, S. R.; Redline, S.; Siscovick, D. S.; Tsai, M. Y.; Karczewski, K. J.; Hofker, M. H.; Verschuren, W. M.; Bots, M. L.; van der Schouw, Y. T.; Melander, O.; Dominiczak, A. F.; Morris, R.; Ben-Shlomo, Y.; Price, J.; Kumari, M.; Baumert, J.; Peters, A.; Thorand, B.; Koenig, W.; Gaunt, T. R.; Humphries, S. E.; Clarke, R.; Watkins, H.; Farrall, M.; Wilson, J. G.; Rich, S. S.; de Bakker, P. I.; Lange, L. A.; Davey Smith, G.; Reiner, A. P.; Talmud, P. J.; Kivimäki, M.; Lawlor, D. A.; Dudbridge, F.; Samani, N. J.; Keating, B. J.; Hingorani, A. D.; Casas, J. P.Journal Article