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29-Sep-2010‘Quality signposting’: the role of online information prescription in providing patient informationBrewster, Liz; Sen, BarbaraJournal Article
21-Apr-2010Hypertrophic non-union of a pathological forearm fracture secondary to multiple myeloma : a case reportOkoro, Tosan; Ashford, Robert U.Journal Article
Feb-2010Factors that influence decisions about cardiopulmonary resuscitation: The views of doctors and medical students (Postgrad Med J (2009) 85 (564-8))Tyrer, F; Williams, M; Feathers, LJournal Article
Mar-2010The meanings of consent to the donation of cord blood stem cells: perspectives from an interview-based study of a public cord blood bank in England.Busby, HJournal Article
Oct-2010The addition of high-dose tamoxifen to standard radiotherapy does not improve the survival of patients with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.Michalski, A; Bouffet, E; Taylor, RE; Hargrave, D; Walker, D; Picton, S; Robinson, K; Pizer, B; Bujkiewicz, SJournal Article
Jul-2010Novel lineup methods for improving the performance of older eyewitnessesWilcock, R; Bull, RJournal Article
2010Trust, nostalgia and narrative accounts of blood banking in england in the 21st centuryBusby, HWJournal Article
24-Nov-2010STAT6 transcription factor is a facilitator of the nuclear receptor PPARγ-regulated gene expression in macrophages and dendritic cells.Szanto, A; Balint, BL; Nagy, ZS; Barta, E; Dezso, B; Pap, A; Szeles, L; Poliska, S; Oros, M; Evans, RM; Barak, Y; Schwabe, J; Nagy, LJournal Article
May-2010The relationship between carers' report of autistic traits and clinical diagnoses of autism spectrum disorders in adults with intellectual disability.Bhaumik, S; Tyrer, F; Barrett, M; Tin, N; McGrother, CW; Kiani, RJournal Article
2010Breast cancer awareness month. Still awaiting screening facts.Baum, M; Thornton, H; Gøtzsche, PC; Bewley, S; Jørgensen, KJ; Barratt, A; Ross, N; Woloshin, S; Schwartz, L; Musiello, T; Blennerhassett, M; Napoli, M; Baines, CJ; Vaidya, JS; Williams, N; Havercroft, D; Zahl, PH; Retsky, M; Kaplan, RM; Dixon-Woods, M; Berry, DA; Isaacson, K; Brahams, D; Pryke, M; Tindall, G; Bender, DA; Marshall, TJournal Article