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26-Mar-2015Human lung myofibroblast TGFβ1-dependent Smad2/3 signalling is Ca(2+)-dependent and regulated by KCa3.1 K(+) channels.Roach, Katy M.; Feghali-Bostwick, C.; Wulff, H.; Amrani, Yassine; Bradding, PeterJournal Article
16-Jul-2015Orai/CRACM1 and KCa3.1 ion channels interact in the human lung mast cell plasma membraneDuffy, S. Mark; Ashmole, Ian; Smallwood, Dawn T.; Leyland, Mark L.; Bradding, PeterJournal Article
15-Jul-2015Evidence for a novel Kit adhesion domain mediating human mast cell adhesion to structural airway cellsGough, K. C.; Maddison, B. C.; Shikotra, Aarti; Moiseeva, Elena P.; Yang, Weidong; Jarvis, Shila; Bradding, PeterJournal Article
19-Aug-2015Th2 and Th17 inflammatory pathways are reciprocally regulated in asthmaChoy, D. F.; Hart, K. M.; Borthwick, L. A.; Shikotra, Aarti; Nagarkar, D. R.; Siddiqui, Salman; Jia, G.; Ohri, Chandra M.; Doran, E.; Vannella, K. M.; Butler, C. A.; Hargadon, Beverley; Sciurba, J. C.; Gieseck, R. L.; Thompson, R. W.; White, S.; Abbas, A. R.; Jackman, J.; Wu, L. C.; Egen, J. G.; Heaney, L. G.; Ramalingam, T. R.; Arron, J. R.; Wynn, T. A.; Bradding, PeterJournal Article
14-Aug-2015Lipoxin A4 Attenuates Constitutive and TGF-β1-Dependent Profibrotic Activity in Human Lung MyofibroblastsRoach, Katy M.; Feghali-Bostwick, C. A.; Amrani, Yassine; Bradding, PeterJournal Article
25-Nov-2015Bidirectional counter-regulation of human lung mast cell and airway smooth muscle beta2-adrenoceptorsLewis, Rebecca J.; Chachi, Latifa; Newby, Chris; Amrani, Yassine; Bradding, PeterJournal Article
25-Feb-2015The CD20 homologue MS4A4 directs trafficking of KIT toward clathrin-independent endocytosis pathways and thus regulates receptor signaling and recyclingCruse, G.; Beaven, M. A.; Music, S. C.; Bradding, Peter; Gilfillan, A. M.; Metcalfe, D. D.Journal Article
21-Dec-2015KCa3.1 K+ Channel Expression and Function in Human Bronchial Epithelial CellsArthur, Greer K.; Duffy, S. Mark; Roach, Katy M.; Hirst, Rob A.; Shikotra, Aarti; Gaillard, Erol A.; Bradding, PeterJournal Article
23-Jul-2015Research in progress: Medical Research Council United Kingdom Refractory Asthma Stratification Programme (RASP-UK)Heaney, L. G.; Djukanovic, R.; Woodcock, A.; Walker, S.; Matthews, J. G.; Pavord, I. D.; Bradding, Peter; Niven, R.; Brightling, Christopher E.; Chaudhuri, R.; Arron, J. R.; Choy, D. F.; Cowan, D.; Mansur, A.; Menzies-Gow, A.; Adcock, I.; Chung, K. F.; Corrigan, C.; Coyle, P.; Harrison, T.; Johnston, S.; Howarth, P.; Lordan, J.; Sabroe, I.; Bigler, J.; Smith, D.; Catley, M.; May, R.; Pierre, L.; Stevenson, C.; Crater, G.; Keane, F.; Costello, R. W.; Hudson, V.; Supple, D.; Hardman, T.Journal Article