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2-Jan-2018Taking the heat or taking the temperature? A qualitative study of a large-scale exercise in seeking to measure for improvement, not blameArmstrong, Natalie; Brewster, Liz; Tarrant, Carolyn; Dixon, Ruth; Willars, Janet; Power, Maxine; Dixon-Woods, MaryJournal Article
19-Jan-2018Investigating the role of Drosha and RNA molecules in the repair of DNA doubleā€strand breaksHawley, Benjamin RichardThesis
19-Jan-2018Predicting radiotherapy toxicity in patients treated with radical radiotherapy using predictive assays and circadian rhythmJohnson, Kerstie AnneThesis
8-Jan-2018Structure of the C1r-C1s interaction of the C1 complex of complement activation.Almitairi, Jamal O. M.; Venkatraman Girija, Umakhanth; Furze, Christopher M.; Simpson-Gray, Xanthe; Badakshi, Farah; Marshall, Jamie E.; Schwaeble, Wilhelm J.; Mitchell, Daniel A.; Moody, Peter C. E.; Wallis, RussellJournal Article
10-Jan-2018Flavin Reductase Contributes to Pneumococcal Virulence by Protecting from Oxidative Stress and Mediating Adhesion and Elicits Protection Against Pneumococcal Challenge.Morozov, Giora I.; Porat, Nurith; Kushnir, Tatyana; Najmuldeen, Hastyar; Adawi, Asad; Chalifa-Caspi, Vered; Benisty, Rachel; Ohayon, Ariel; Liron, Ofir; Azriel, Shalhevet; Malka, Itai; Dotan, Shahar; Portnoi, Maxim; Piotrowski, Andrew A.; Kafka, Daniel; Hajaj, Barak; Fishilevich, Tali; Shagan, Marilou; Tal, Michael; Ellis, Ron; Morrison, Donald A.; Mitchell, Andrea M.; Mitchell, Timothy J.; Dagan, Ron; Yesilkaya, Hasan; Nebenzahl, Yaffa MizrachiJournal Article
18-Jan-2018Incentive Magnitude Effects in Experimental Games: Bigger is not Necessarily BetterPulford, Briony D.; Colman, Andrew M.; Loomes, GrahamJournal Article
11-Jan-2018Diagnostic and prognostic utility of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction - implications for clinical trials.Kanagala, Prathap; Cheng, Adrian S. H.; Singh, Anvesha; McAdam, John; Marsh, Anna-Marie; Arnold, Jayanth R.; Squire, Iain B.; Ng, Leong L.; McCann, Gerry P.Journal Article
22-Jan-2018Using Y-Chromosomal Haplogroups in Genetic Association Studies and Suggested Implications.Erzurumluoglu, A. Mesut; Baird, Denis; Richardson, Tom G.; Timpson, Nicholas J.; Rodriguez, SantiagoJournal Article
9-Jan-2018Withdrawal of antihypertensive therapy in people with dementia: feasibility study.van der Wardt, Veronika; Burton, Jennifer K.; Conroy, Simon; Welsh, Tomas; Logan, Pip; Taggar, Jaspal; Tanajewski, Lukasz; Gladman, JohnJournal Article
1-Jan-2018Free operant observing in humans: a translational approach to compulsive certainty seeking.Morein-Zamir, Sharon; Shahper, Sonia; Fineberg, Naomi A.; Eisele, Verena; Eagle, Dawn M.; Urcelay, Gonzalo; Robbins, Trevor W.Journal Article