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2019Effectiveness of a national quality improvement programme to improve survival after emergency abdominal surgery: a stepped-wedge cluster randomised trialPEARSE, R. M.; Peden, C.; STEPHENS, T.; Martin, G.; KAHAN, B.; Thomson, A.; Rivett, K.; Wells, D.; Richardson, G.; KERRY, S. M.Journal Article
2019The Simple 10-Item Predicting Asthma Risk in Children Tool to Predict Childhood Asthma—An External ValidationPedersen, ESL; Spycher, BD; de Jong, CCM; Halbeisen, F; Ramette, A; Gaillard, EA; Granell, R; Henderson, AJ; Kuehni, CEJournal Article
1-Feb-2019An investigation of the effects of haem on the activity of rat arterial large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ (BKCa) channelsAyeni, Oluwamodupe O.Thesis
1-Feb-2019Investigation of the Influence of Phase Variation on the Biological Phenotypes and Immunity to the Flagella in Campylobacter jejuniAlarjani, Khaloud M.Thesis
25-Jan-2019Tfh Lymphoma: Analysis of a RHOA Mutation & Establishment of a Pre-Clinical ModelAllchin, Rebecca L.Thesis
25-Jan-2019The Role Of Pneumolysin Sequence Variants And Strain Background In The Virulence Of Streptococcus PneumoniaeMohameed, Emad E.Thesis
25-Jan-2019Virus integration and tandem repeats in the genomes of PetuniaAlisawi, Osamah N. K.Thesis
18-Jan-2019A study of Ca2+ signalling during platelet-human erythroleukemia cell interactions and the heterogeneity of platelet store-operated Ca2+ entry in healthy donorsIftikhar, TayyabaThesis
4-Jan-2019Contribution Of The Mesolimbic Pathway To Distraction From Ongoing Consummatory Behaviour: Implications For A Model Of SchizophreniaPeters, Kate Z.Thesis
4-Jan-2019The Prevalence of Protozoa During Canine Periodontal DiseasePatel, NiranThesis