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2012Investigating endothelial activation and oxidative stress in relation to glycaemic control in a multiethnic population.Brady, E. M.; Webb, D. R.; Morris, D. H.; Khunti, K.; Talbot, D. S.; Sattar, N.; Davies, M. J.Journal Article
Jun-2012Regulator of G-protein signaling-5 inhibits bronchial smooth muscle contraction in severe asthma.Yang, Z; Balenga, N; Cooper, PR; Damera, G; Edwards, R; Brightling, CE; Panettieri, RA; Druey, KMJournal Article
Feb-2012Out of Hours Multidetector Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography: Are Specialist Resident Reports Reliable?Jakanani, George C.; Botchu, Rajesh; Gupta, Sumit; Entwisle, James; Bajaj, AmritaJournal Article
Apr-2012An investigation into the relationship between sleep-disordered breathing, the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular risk profiles, and inflammation between South Asians and Caucasians residing in the United Kingdom.Brady, EM; Davies, MJ; Hall, AP; Talbot, DC; Dick, JL; Khunti, KJournal Article
Aug-2012The relationship between clinical outcomes and medication adherence in difficult-to-control asthma.Murphy, AC; Proeschal, A; Brightling, CE; Wardlaw, AJ; Pavord, I; Bradding, P; Green, RHJournal Article
Apr-2012Psychophysical correlates of global motion processing in the aging visual system: a critical review.Hutchinson, CV; Arena, A; Allen, HA; Ledgeway, TJournal Article
2012A novel missense mutation in both OPN1LW and OPN1MW cone opsin genes causes X-linked cone dystrophy (XLCOD5).Gardner, JC; Webb, TR; Kanuga, N; Robson, AG; Holder, GE; Stockman, A; Ripamonti, C; Ebenezer, ND; Ogun, O; Devery, S; Wright, GA; Maher, ER; Cheetham, ME; Moore, AT; Michaelides, M; Hardcastle, AJJournal Article
Feb-2012Genomewide association study using a high-density single nucleotide polymorphism array and case-control design identifies a novel essential hypertension susceptibility locus in the promoter region of endothelial NO synthase.Salvi, E; Kutalik, Z; Glorioso, N; Benaglio, P; Frau, F; Kuznetsova, T; Arima, H; Hoggart, C; Tichet, J; Nikitin, YP; Conti, C; Seidlerova, J; Tikhonoff, V; Stolarz-Skrzypek, K; Johnson, T; Devos, N; Zagato, L; Guarrera, S; Zaninello, R; Calabria, A; Stancanelli, B; Troffa, C; Thijs, L; Rizzi, F; Simonova, G; Lupoli, S; Argiolas, G; Braga, D; D'Alessio, MC; Ortu, MF; Ricceri, F; Mercurio, M; Descombes, P; Marconi, M; Chalmers, J; Harrap, S; Filipovsky, J; Bochud, M; Iacoviello, L; Ellis, J; Stanton, AV; Laan, M; Padmanabhan, S; Dominiczak, AF; Samani, NJ; Melander, O; Jeunemaitre, X; Manunta, P; Shabo, A; Vineis, P; Cappuccio, FP; Caulfield, MJ; Matullo, G; Rivolta, C; Munroe, PB; Barlassina, C; Staessen, JA; Beckmann, JS; Cusi, DJournal Article
Jul-2012Living with nystagmus: a qualitative study.McLean, RJ; Windridge, KC; Gottlob, IJournal Article
May-2012Diagnostic accuracy of maternal serum macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 and pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A at 6-10 weeks of gestation to predict miscarriage.Tong, S; Ngian, GL; Onwude, JL; Permezel, M; Saglam, B; Hay, S; Konje, JC; Marczylo, TH; Fleming, G; Walker, SP; Lappas, MJournal Article