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16-Jan-2015Use of chimeras, point mutants, and molecular modeling to map the antagonist-binding site of 4,4',4″,4‴-(carbonylbis-(imino-5,1,3-benzenetriylbis(carbonylimino)))tetrakisbenzene-1,3-disulfonic acid (NF449) at P2X1 receptors for ATP.Farmer, Louise K.; Schmid, Ralf; Evans, Richard J.Journal Article
26-Mar-2015MicroRNAs in cardiovascular disease: an introduction for cliniciansRomaine, Simon P. R.; Tomaszewski, Maciej; Condorelli, Gianluigi; Samani, Nilesh JayantilalJournal Article
24-Jan-2015Approaches for identifying germ cell mutagens: Report of the 2013 IWGT workshop on germ cell assays(☆)Yauk, C. L.; Aardema, M. J.; Benthem, J. V.; Bishop, J. B.; Dearfield, K. L.; DeMarini, D. M.; Dubrova, Yuri Eugenjevitch; Honma, M.; Lupski, J. R.; Marchetti, F.; Meistrich, M. L.; Pacchierotti, F.; Stewart, J.; Waters, M. D.; Douglas, G. R.Journal Article
24-Aug-2015Interleukin 27R regulates CD4+ T cell phenotype and impacts protective immunity during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.Torrado, E.; Fountain, J. J.; Liao, M.; Tighe, M.; Reiley, W. W.; Lai, R. P.; Meintjes, G.; Pearl, John E.; Chen, X.; Zak, D. E.; Thompson, E. G.; Aderem, A.; Ghilardi, N.; Solache, A.; McKinstry, K. K.; Strutt, T. M.; Wilkinson, R. J.; Swain, S. L.; Cooper, A. M.Journal Article
6-Feb-2015Characterization and Propagation of Tumor Initiating Cells Derived from Colorectal Liver Metastases: Trials, Tribulations and a Cautionary NoteJames, Mark I.; Howells, Lynne M.; Karmokar, Ankur; Higgins, Jennifer A.; Greaves, Peter; Cai, Hong; Dennison, Ashley; Metcalfe, Matthew; Garcea, Giuseppe; Lloyd, David M.; Berry, David B.; Steward, William P.; Brown, KarenJournal Article
2015Plasticity of Neuron-Glial Transmission: Equipping Glia for Long-Term Integration of Network ActivityCroft, Wayne; Dobson, Katharine L.; Bellamy, Tomas C.Journal Article
2015Localization of Presynaptic Plasticity Mechanisms Enables Functional Independence of Synaptic and Ectopic Transmission in the CerebellumDobson, Katharine L.; Bellamy, Tomas C.Journal Article
1-May-2015Caffeine Modulates Vesicle Release and Recovery at Cerebellar Parallel Fibre Terminals, Independently of Calcium and Cyclic AMP SignallingDobson, Katharine L.; Jackson, Claire; Balakrishnan, Saju; Bellamy, Tomas C.Journal Article
Nov-2015Epicardial adipose tissue in patients with end-stage renal disease on haemodialysis.Graham-Brown, Mathew P. M.; McCann, Gerry P.; Burton, James O.Journal Article
6-Aug-20157-(Pyrazol-4-yl)-3H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine-based derivatives for kinase inhibition: Co-crystallisation studies with Aurora-A reveal distinct differences in the orientation of the pyrazole N1-substituent.Bavetsias, V.; Pérez-Fuertes, Y.; McIntyre, Patrick J.; Atrash, B.; Kosmopoulou, M.; O'Fee, L.; Burke, R.; Sun, C.; Faisal, A.; Bush, K.; Avery, S.; Henley, A.; Raynaud, F. I.; Linardopoulos, S.; Bayliss, Richard; Blagg, J.Journal Article