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2017Rationality and Backward Induction in Centipede GamesColman, Andrew M.; Krockow, Eva M.; Frosch, Caren A.; Pulford, Briony D.Chapter
3-Jan-2017Circulating nucleic acids as biomarkers of breast cancerRghebi, BasmaThesis
4-Jan-2017An assessment of learning in dogs in relation to cues conveyed by humansAshton, Rebecca LouiseThesis
3-Jan-2017Oncogene driver mutations and copy number variation as markers for predicting drug resistance and disease outcome in NSCLCJaber, AlmahdiThesis
18-Jan-2017Influence of Peer-Based Needle Exchange Programs on Mental Health Status in People Who Inject Drugs: A Nationwide New Zealand StudyHay, B.; Henderson, C.; Maltby, John; Canales, Juan J.Journal Article
17-Jan-2017The Burden of Mental Disorders in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 1990-2013Charara, R.; Forouzanfar, M.; Naghavi, M.; Moradi-Lakeh, M.; Afshin, A.; Vos, T.; Daoud, F.; Wang, H.; El Bcheraoui, C.; Khalil, I.; Hamadeh, R. R.; Khosravi, A.; Rahimi-Movaghar, V.; Khader, Y.; Al-Hamad, N.; Makhlouf Obermeyer, C.; Rafay, A.; Asghar, R.; Rana, S. M.; Shaheen, A.; Abu-Rmeileh, N. M. E.; Husseini, A.; Abu-Raddad, L. J.; Khoja, T.; Al Rayess, Z. A.; AlBuhairan, F. S.; Hsairi, M.; Alomari, M. A.; Ali, R.; Roshandel, G.; Sulieman Terkawi, A.; Hamidi, S.; Refaat, A. H.; Westerman, R.; Ahmad Kiadaliri, A.; Akanda, A. S.; Danish Ali, S.; Bacha, U.; Badawi, A.; Bazargan-Hejazi, S.; Faghmous, I. A. D.; Fereshtehnejad, S.-M.; Fischer, F.; Jonas, J. B.; Kuate Defo, B.; Mehari, A.; Omer, S. B.; Pourmalek, F.; Uthman, O. A.; Mokdad, A. A.; Maalouf, F. T.; Abd-Allah, F.; Akseer, N.; Arya, D.; Borschmann, R.; Brazinova, A.; Brugha, Traolach S.; Catalá-López, F.; Degenhardt, L.; Ferrari, A.; Maria Haro, J.; Horino, M.; Hornberger, J. C.; Huang, H.; Kieling, C.; Kim, D.; Kim, Y.; Kristin Knudsen, A.; Mitchell, P. B.; Patton, G.; Sagar, R.; Satpathy, M.; Savuon, K.; Seedat, S.; Shiue, I.; Christoffer Skogen, J.; Stein, D. J.; Tabb, K. M.; Whiteford, H. A.; Yip, P.; Yonemoto, N.; Murray, C. J. L.; Mokdad, A. H.Journal Article
19-Jan-2017YouTube: are parent-uploaded videos of their unwell children a useful source of medical information for other parents?Knight, K.; van Leeuwen, D. M.; Roland, Damian; Moll, H. A.; Oostenbrink, R.Journal Article
25-Jan-2017Using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis and psychodynamic theory to explore teachers' experiences of what they perceive as negative pupil behaviourDennison, AndreaThesis
25-Jan-2017The regulation of gene expression in response to ER stressElfowiris, AbdulsalamThesis
2017Carotid Stenting Prior to Coronary Bypass Surgery: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisParaskevas, Kosmas I.; Nduwayo, Sarah; Saratzis, Athanasios N.; Naylor, A. RossJournal Article