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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
Jul-2012Living with nystagmus: a qualitative study.McLean, RJ; Windridge, KC; Gottlob, IJournal Article
Dec-2004Age related change of optokinetic nystagmus in healthy subjects: a study from infancy to senescence.Valmaggia, C; Rütsche, A; Baumann, A; Pieh, C; Bellaiche Shavit Y; Proudlock, F; Gottlob, IJournal Article
2009Effect of distance upon horizontal and vertical look and stare OKN.Knapp, CM; Gottlob, I; McLean, RJ; Rafelt, S; Proudlock, FAJournal Article
Jul-2008Eye movement involvement in Parry-Romberg Syndrome: a clinicopathologic case report.Zubcov-Iwantscheff, AA; Thomke, F; Goebel, HH; Bacharach-Buhles, M; Cordey, A; Constantinescu, CS; Gottlob, IJournal Article
Oct-2005Social and visual function in nystagmus.Pilling, RF; Thompson, JR; Gottlob, IJournal Article
Mar-2005Asymmetry of the optokinetic nystagmus in lesion of the central nervous system.Valmaggia, C; Proudlock, F; Gottlob, IJournal Article
4-Jun-2004Mutations in a human ROBO gene disrupt hindbrain axon pathway crossing and morphogenesis.Jen, JC; Chan, WM; Bosley, TM; Wan, J; Carr, JR; Rüb, U; Shattuck, D; Salamon, G; Kudo, LC; Ou, J; Lin, DD; Salih, MA; Kansu, T; Al Dhalaan H; Al Zayed Z; MacDonald, DB; Stigsby, B; Plaitakis, A; Dretakis, EK; Gottlob, I; Pieh, C; Traboulsi, EI; Wang, Q; Wang, L; Andrews, C; Yamada, K; Demer, JL; Karim, S; Alger, JR; Geschwind, DH; Deller, T; Sicotte, NL; Nelson, SF; Baloh, RW; Engle, ECJournal Article
11-Oct-2005Kjellin syndrome: first case with retinal changes in carriers.Sachdev, A; Proudlock, FA; Abbott, R; Gottlob, IJournal Article
Dec-2001Orbital myositis associated with ulcerative colitis.Jain, S; Gottlob, IJournal Article
May-2008Phenotypical characteristics of idiopathic infantile nystagmus with and without mutations in FRMD7.Thomas, S; Proudlock, FA; Sarvananthan, N; Roberts, EO; Awan, M; McLean, R; Surendran, M; Kumar, AS; Farooq, SJ; Degg, C; Gale, RP; Reinecke, RD; Woodruff, G; Langmann, A; Lindner, S; Jain, S; Tarpey, P; Raymond, FL; Gottlob, IJournal Article