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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
Jun-2008Common variants in genes underlying monogenic hypertension and hypotension and blood pressure in the general population.Tobin, MD; Tomaszewski, M; Braund, PS; Hajat, C; Raleigh, SM; Palmer, TM; Caulfield, M; Burton, PR; Samani, NJJournal Article
Dec-2007Beyond "misunderstanding": written information and decisions about taking part in a genetic epidemiology study.Dixon-Woods, M; Ashcroft, RE; Jackson, CJ; Tobin, MD; Kivits, J; Burton, PR; Samani, NJJournal Article
Jul-2008Are baroreflex events detected by invasive and non-invasive techniques coincident?Smith, SM; Potter, JF; Samani, NJ; Sammons, EL; Rathbone, WE; Bentley, S; Panerai, RBJournal Article
Aug-2008Physiological interaction between alpha-adducin and WNK1-NEDD4L pathways on sodium-related blood pressure regulation.Manunta, P; Lavery, G; Lanzani, C; Braund, PS; Simonini, M; Bodycote, C; Zagato, L; Delli Carpini S; Tantardini, C; Brioni, E; Bianchi, G; Samani, NJJournal Article
Jul-2007Influence of noninvasive peripheral arterial blood pressure measurements on assessment of dynamic cerebral autoregulation.Sammons, EL; Samani, NJ; Smith, SM; Rathbone, WE; Bentley, S; Potter, JF; Panerai, RBJournal Article
29-Nov-2005Association of WNK1 gene polymorphisms and haplotypes with ambulatory blood pressure in the general population.Tobin, MD; Raleigh, SM; Newhouse, S; Braund, P; Bodycote, C; Ogleby, J; Cross, D; Gracey, J; Hayes, S; Smith, T; Ridge, C; Caulfield, M; Sheehan, NA; Munroe, PB; Burton, PR; Samani, NJJournal Article
Dec-2011The epithelial sodium channel γ-subunit gene and blood pressure: family based association, renal gene expression, and physiological analyses.Büsst, CJ; Bloomer, LD; Scurrah, KJ; Ellis, JA; Barnes, TA; Charchar, FJ; Braund, P; Hopkins, PN; Samani, NJ; Hunt, SC; Tomaszewski, M; Harrap, SBJournal Article