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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
Jan-2005Mapping of a major locus that determines telomere length in humans.Vasa-Nicotera, M; Brouilette, S; Mangino, M; Thompson, JR; Braund, P; Clemitson, JR; Mason, A; Bodycote, CL; Raleigh, SM; Louis, E; Samani, NJJournal Article
1-May-2003White cell telomere length and risk of premature myocardial infarction.Brouilette, S; Singh, RK; Thompson, JR; Goodall, AH; Samani, NJJournal Article
11-Aug-2001Telomere shortening in atherosclerosis.Samani, NJ; Boultby, R; Butler, R; Thompson, JR; Goodall, AHJournal Article
Jan-2011Leukocyte telomere length and marital status among middle-aged adults.Mainous, AG; Everett, CJ; Diaz, VA; Baker, R; Mangino, M; Codd, V; Samani, NJJournal Article
Apr-2009Association of shorter telomeres with coronary artery disease in Indian subjects.Mukherjee, M; Brouilette, S; Stevens, S; Shetty, KR; Samani, NJJournal Article
15-Aug-2010Association between left ventricular mass and telomere length in a population study.Kuznetsova, T; Codd, V; Brouilette, S; Thijs, L; González, A; Jin, Y; Richart, T; van der Harst P; Díez, J; Staessen, JA; Samani, NJJournal Article
May-2010Leukocyte telomere length and coronary artery calcification.Mainous, AG; Codd, V; Diaz, VA; Schoepf, UJ; Everett, CJ; Player, MS; Samani, NJJournal Article
15-Jul-2008Possible association between telomere length and renal dysfunction in patients with chronic heart failure.van der Harst P; Wong, LS; de Boer RA; Brouilette, SW; van der Steege G; Voors, AA; Hall, AS; Samani, NJ; Wikstrand, J; van Gilst WH; van Veldhuisen DJ; MERIT-HF Study GroupJournal Article
Apr-2008Telomere length is shorter in healthy offspring of subjects with coronary artery disease: support for the telomere hypothesis.Brouilette, SW; Whittaker, A; Stevens, SE; van der Harst P; Goodall, AH; Samani, NJJournal Article