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21-May-2014Synaptic gain-of-function effects of mutant Ca[subscript v]2.1 channels in a mouse model of familial hemiplegic migraine are due to increased basal [Ca[superscript 2+]]iDi Guilmi, Mariano N.; Wang, Tiantian; Inchauspe, Carlota Gonzalez; Forsythe, Ian D.; Ferrari, Michel D.; van den Maagdenberg, Arn M. J. M.; Borst, J. Gerard; Uchitel, Osvaldo D.Journal Article
28-May-2014Motor inhibition affects the speed but not accuracy of aimed limb movements in an insect.Calas-List, Delphine; Clare, Anthony J.; Komissarova, Alexandra; Nielsen, Thomas A.; Matheson, ThomasJournal Article
3-Mar-2014Antimicrobial treatment improves mycobacterial survival in nonpermissive growth conditions.Turapov, Obolbek; Waddell, S. J.; Burke, Bernard; Glenn, Sarah; Sarybaeva, Asel A.; Tudo, G.; Labesse, G.; Young, D. I.; Young, M.; Andrew, Peter W.; Butcher, P. D.; Cohen-Gonsaud, M.; Mukamolova, Galina V.Journal Article
3-Mar-2014Sabutoclax (BI97C1) and BI112D1, putative inhibitors of MCL-1, induce mitochondrial fragmentation either upstream of or independent of apoptosis.Varadarajan, S.; Butterworth, M.; Wei, J.; Pellecchia, M.; Dinsdale, D.; Cohen, G. M.Journal Article
17-Jul-2014Integrative Genomics Reveals Novel Molecular Pathways and Gene Networks for Coronary Artery DiseaseMäkinen, V. P.; Civelek, M.; Meng, Q.; Zhang, B.; Zhu, J.; Levian, C.; Huan, T.; Segrè, A. V.; Ghosh, S.; Vivar, J.; Nikpay, M.; Stewart, A. F.; Nelson, C. P.; Willenborg, C.; Erdmann, J.; Blakenberg, S.; O'Donnell, C. J.; März, W.; Laaksonen, R.; Epstein, S. E.; Kathiresan, S.; Shah, S. H.; Hazen, S. L.; Reilly, M. P.; Coronary ARtery DIsease Genome-Wide Replication And Meta-Analysis (CARDIoGRAM) Consortium; Lusis, A. J.; Samani, N. J.; Schunkert, H.; Quertermous, T.; McPherson, R.; Yang, X.; Assimes, T. L.Journal Article
15-Jan-2014RHPS4 G-quadruplex ligand induces anti-proliferative effects in brain tumor cellsLagah, S.; Tan, I. L.; Radhakrishnan, Priya; Hirst, Robert A.; Ward, J. H.; O'Callaghan, C.; Smith, S. J.; Stevens, M. F.; Grundy, R. G.; Rahman, R.Journal Article
25-Mar-2014Protective role for properdin in progression of experimental murine atherosclerosis.Steiner, T.; Francescut, Lorenza; Byrne, Simon; Hughes, T.; Jayanthi, A.; Guschina, I.; Harwood, J.; Cianflone, K.; Stover, Cordula; Francis, S.Journal Article
3-Feb-2014Recombinant Plants Provide a New Approach to the Production of Bacterial Polysaccharide for VaccinesSmith, Claire M.; Fry, S. C.; Gough, K. C.; Patel, Alexandra J. F.; Glenn, Sarah; Goldrick, M.; Roberts, I. S.; Whitelam, G. C.; Andrew, Peter W.Journal Article
4-Sep-2014Inhibition of the SR Protein-Phosphorylating CLK Kinases of Plasmodium falciparum Impairs Blood Stage Replication and Malaria TransmissionKern, S.; Agarwal, S.; Huber, K.; Gehring, A. P.; Strödke, B.; Wirth, C. C.; Brügl, T.; Abodo, L. O.; Dandekar, T.; Doerig, C.; Fischer, R.; Tobin, Andrew B.; Alam, Mahmood M.; Bracher, F.; Pradel, G.Journal Article
23-Feb-2014Increased peripheral and local soluble FGL2 in the recovery of renal ischemia reperfusion injury in a porcine kidney auto-transplantation modelZhao, Z.; Yang, C.; Li, L.; Zhao, T.; Wang, L.; Rong, R.; Yang, Bin; Xu, M.; Zhu, T.Journal Article