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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
19-Mar-2012The impact of recent events on human genetic diversity.Jobling, MAJournal Article
Nov-2004Y chromosome haplogroups of elite Ethiopian endurance runners.Moran, CN; Scott, RA; Adams, SM; Warrington, SJ; Jobling, MA; Wilson, RH; Goodwin, WH; Georgiades, E; Wolde, B; Pitsiladis, YPJournal Article
Feb-2001Patterns of inter- and intra-group genetic diversity in the Vlax Roma as revealed by Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA lineages.Kalaydjieva, L; Calafell, F; Jobling, MA; Angelicheva, D; de Knijff P; Rosser, ZH; Hurles, ME; Underhill, P; Tournev, I; Marushiakova, E; Popov, VJournal Article
Apr-2005Inadvertent diagnosis of male infertility through genealogical DNA testing.King, TE; Bosch, E; Adams, SM; Parkin, EJ; Rosser, ZH; Jobling, MAJournal Article
9-Jan-2007Human populations: houses for spouses.Balaresque, P; Jobling, MAJournal Article
Jun-1992Isolation and characterization of a candidate gene for Norrie disease.Chen, ZY; Hendriks, RW; Jobling, MA; Powell, JF; Breakefield, XO; Sims, KB; Craig, IWJournal Article
2011The jigsaw puzzle of our African ancestry: unsolved, or unsolvable?Batini, C; Jobling, MAJournal Article
5-Nov-1998Jefferson fathered slave's last child.Foster, EA; Jobling, MA; Taylor, PG; Donnelly, P; de Knijff P; Mieremet, R; Zerjal, T; Tyler-Smith, CJournal Article
Dec-1993Localization of DNA sequences required for human centromere function through an analysis of rearranged Y chromosomes.Tyler-Smith, C; Oakey, RJ; Larin, Z; Fisher, RB; Crocker, M; Affara, NA; Ferguson-Smith, MA; Muenke, M; Zuffardi, O; Jobling, MAJournal Article