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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
21-Feb-2012Exposure to anticancer drugs can result in transgenerational genomic instability in mice.Glen, CD; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
30-Nov-2006Radiation-induced transgenerational alterations in genome stability and DNA damage.Barber, RC; Hickenbotham, P; Hatch, T; Kelly, D; Topchiy, N; Almeida, GM; Jones, GD; Johnson, GE; Parry, JM; Rothkamm, K; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
15-May-2008Single-molecule PCR analysis of germ line mutation induction by anticancer drugs in mice.Glen, CD; Smith, AG; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
15-May-2007The combined effects of xeroderma pigmentosum C deficiency and mutagens on mutation rates in the mouse germ line.Miccoli, L; Burr, KL; Hickenbotham, P; Friedberg, EC; Angulo, JF; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
13-Jul-2006Elevated mutation rates in the germline of Polkappa mutant male mice.Burr, KL; Velasco-Miguel, S; Duvvuri, VS; McDaniel, LD; Friedberg, EC; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
4-Oct-2004Germline mutation rates at tandem repeat loci in DNA-repair deficient mice.Barber, RC; Miccoli, L; van Buul PP; Burr, KL; van Duyn-Goedhart A; Angulo, JF; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
14-May-2002Elevated mutation rates in the germ line of first- and second-generation offspring of irradiated male mice.Barber, R; Plumb, MA; Boulton, E; Roux, I; Dubrova, YEJournal Article
Sep-1993Mouse minisatellite mutations induced by ionizing radiation.Dubrova, YE; Jeffreys, AJ; Malashenko, AMJournal Article
1-Apr-1998A novel unstable mouse VNTR family expanded from SINE B1 elements.Bois, P; Williamson, J; Brown, J; Dubrova, YE; Jeffreys, AJJournal Article
4-May-2000Transgenerational mutation by radiation.Dubrova, YE; Plumb, M; Gutierrez, B; Boulton, E; Jeffreys, AJJournal Article