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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Jun-2003Drug treatment of hypertension: implications of ALLHATWilliams, BJournal Article
4-Sep-2004Guidelines from the British Hypertension Society - Numbers are missing - ReplyWilliams, BJournal Article
28-Aug-2007Hypertension in the young - Preventing the evolution of disease versus prevention of clinical eventsWilliams, BJournal Article
1-Mar-2005Blood pressure and outcomes in clinical trialsWilliams, B; Lacy, PSJournal Article
1-Jul-2007beta-blockers and the treatment of hypertensionWilliams, BJournal Article
1-Mar-2005Increased pulse wave velocity is not associated with elevated augmentation index in patients with diabetes - ReplyLacy, P; Williams, BJournal Article
1-May-2005Magnitude of the early morning blood pressure surge in hypertensive patientsNeutel, JM; Gosse, P; Schumacher, H; Williams, B; Lacourciere, YJournal Article
1-May-2005Reduction of early morning blood pressure surge with telmisartan compared with ramipril in mild-to-moderate hypertensive patientsGosse, P; Neutel, JM; Schumacher, H; Lacourciere, Y; Williams, BJournal Article
1-May-2005Telmisartan versus ramipril in 24-h ambulatory blood pressure: A pooled analysis of 2 prospective, randomized trials in mild-to-moderate hypertensive patientsWilliams, B; Lacourciere, Y; Schumacher, H; Gosse, P; Neutel, JMJournal Article
1-Oct-2005The diabetogenic potential of thiazide-type diuretic and beta-blocker combinations in patients with hypertensionMason, JM; Dickinson, HO; Nicolson, DJ; Campbell, F; Ford, GA; Williams, BJournal Article