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22-Feb-2013Familiness as a Form of Value for Wineries: A Preliminary AccountSmith Maguire, Jennifer; Strickland, Paul; Frost, WarwickJournal Article
12-Apr-2013The construction of an urban, middle-class Chinese consumer culture: The case of cultural intermediaries in the Shanghai wine marketSmith Maguire, JenniferConference Paper
Oct-2012Are we all cultural intermediaries now? An introduction to cultural intermediaries in contextSmith Maguire, Jennifer; Matthews, JulianJournal Article
12-Feb-2013The political transnationalism of Ecuadorians in Barcelona, Madrid and Milan: The role of individual resources, organizational engagement and the political contextMorales, Laura; Pilati, KatiaJournal Article
1-May-2013The Biopolitics of Chronic Fatigue SyndromeKarfakis, NikolaosThesis
1-Jun-2013I Work for Nothing – Should I Feel Good or What? The Impact of Training to Address the Frustrations of the Volunteer WorkerSheptak, Richard Dale JrThesis
1-Jan-2013How Students Seek for Realisation through Exploratory Practice: A Journey of Teaching, Learning and Growing TogetherChu, Po-yingThesis
1-May-2013The Effects of the Kurdish Question on Turkey’s Foreign and Security Policy with Reference to the Western WorldBor, YasinThesis
1-Mar-2013Mantle of the Expert: the Legacy of Dorothy HeathcoteSayers, RuthThesis
2013Book review: Digital Cultures and the Politics of Emotion: Feelings, Affect and Technological ChangeAllen, Matthew JamesJournal Article