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2014Digital Prometheus: WikiLeaks, the State–Network Dichotomy, and the Antinomies of Academic ReasonKaratzogianni, Athina; Robinson, A.Journal Article
1-Sep-2015Firebrand Waves of Digital Activism 1994-2014: The Rise and Spread of Hacktivism and CyberconflictKaratzogianni, AthinaBook
11-May-2015The Social Media Political Subject Is an InfantKaratzogianni, AthinaJournal Article
Nov-2015Hack or Be Hacked: The Quasi-Totalitarianism of Global Trusted NetworksKaratzogianni, Athina; Gak, MartinJournal Article
2015Surfing the Revolutionary Wave 2010-12: A Social Theory of Agency, Resistance, and Orders of Dissent in Contemporary Social MovementsKaratzogianni, Athina; Schandorf, M.Chapter
4-May-2015A Cyberconflict Analysis of Chinese Dissidents Focusing on Civil Society, Mass Incidents and Labour ResistanceKaratzogianni, Athina; Robinson, AndyChapter
1-Sep-2016Intercultural Conflict and Dialogue in the Transnational Digital Public Sphere: Findings from the MIG@NET Research Project (2010-2013)Karatzogianni, Athina; Morgunova, Oxana; Kambouri, Nelli; Lafazani, Olga; Trimikliniotis, Nicos; Ioannou, Grigoris; Nguyen, DennisChapter
14-Mar-2017'Evil' Intermediation PlatformsKaratzogianni, Athina; Matthews, JacobJournal Article
20-Jul-2017Schizorevolutions vs. Microfascisms: The Fear of Anarchy in State SecuritizationKaratzogianni, Athina; Robinson, AndyJournal Article
22-Sep-2009Power, resistance and conflict in the contemporary world: Social movements, networks and hierarchiesKaratzogianni, Athina; Robinson, AndrewBook