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Oct-2012Are we all cultural intermediaries now? An introduction to cultural intermediaries in contextSmith Maguire, Jennifer; Matthews, JulianJournal Article
7-Jul-2011Remembering the 2005 London bombings: Media, memory, commemorationAllen, Matthew James; Bryan, AnnieJournal Article
1-Dec-2010Struggles for Institutional Space in France and the United Kingdom: Intersectionality and the Politics of PolicyBassel, L; Emejulu, AJournal Article
1-Nov-2008Contrasting the Behavioural Business Ethics Approach and the Institutional Economic Approach to Business Ethics: Insights From the Study of Quaker EmployersWagner-Tsukamoto, SigmundJournal Article
1-Jan-2007An institutional economic reconstruction of scientific management: On the lost theoretical logic of TaylorismWagner-Tsukamoto, SigmundJournal Article
13-Nov-2014The presentation of police in everyday life: Police-press relations, impression management and the Leveson InquiryMawby, Robert I.Journal Article
1-Oct-2007The Taylorized beauty of the mechanical: Scientific management and the rise of the modernist architectureWagner-Tsukamoto, SigmundJournal Article
9-Nov-2011The UK Independence Party: Understanding a Niche Party’s Strategy, Candidates and SupportersLynch, Philip; Whitaker, Richard C.; Loomes, GemmaJournal Article
1-Mar-2014Lawrence R. Klein and the Economic Forecasting - A SurveyHall, Stephen G.; Roudoi, Andrei; Albu, Lucian Liviu; Lupu, Radu; Calin, Adrian CantemirJournal Article
Aug-2011‘What Next, Dwarves?’: Images of Police Culture in Life on MarsGarland, Jon; Bilby, CharlotteJournal Article