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21-Feb-2018Human CCL3L1 copy number variation, gene expression, and the role of the CCL3L1-CCR5 axis in lung functionAdewoye, Adeolu B.; Shrine, Nick; Odenthal-Hesse, Linda; Welsh, S.; Malarstig, A.; Jelinsky, S.; Kilty, I.; Tobin, Martin D.; Hollox, Edward J.; Wain, Louise V.Journal Article
19-Apr-2018Complement receptor 1 gene (CR1) intragenic duplication and risk of Alzheimer’s diseaseKucukkilic, Ezgi; Brookes, K.; Barber, I.; Guetta-Baranes, T.; ARUK Consortium; Morgan, K.; Hollox, Edward J.Journal Article
8-Aug-2017Erratum for Aidley et al., "Nonselective Bottlenecks Control the Divergence and Diversification of Phase-Variable Bacterial Populations".Aidley, Jack; Rajopadhye, Shweta; Akinyemi, Nwanekka M.; Lango-Scholey, Lea; Jones, Michael A.; Bayliss, Christopher D.Journal Article
9-Mar-2018A horizontally gene transferred copper resistance locus confers hyper-resistance to antibacterial copper toxicity and enables survival of community acquired methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA300 in macrophages.Purves, Joanne; Thomas, Jamie; Riboldi, G. P.; Zapotoczna, M.; Tarrant, E.; Andrew, Peter W.; Londoño, A.; Planet, P. J.; Geoghegan, J. A.; Waldron, K. J.; Morrissey, Julie A.Journal Article
23-Aug-2017Inherited Chromosomally Integrated Human Herpesvirus 6 Genomes Are Ancient, Intact, and Potentially Able To Reactivate from TelomeresZhang, Enjie; Bell, A. J.; Wilkie, G. S.; Suárez, N. M; Batini, Chiara; Veal, Colin D.; Armendáriz-Castillo, Isaac; Neumann, Rita; Cotton, Victoria E.; Huang, Yan; Porteous, D. J.; Jarrett, R. F.; Davison, A. J.; Royle, Nicola J.Journal Article
9-Oct-2017Marine biorhythms: bridging chronobiology and ecology.Bulla, Martin; Oudman, Thomas; Bijleveld, Allert I.; Piersma, Theunis; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.Journal Article
15-Nov-2017Limited Impact of Adolescent Meningococcal ACWY Vaccination on Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup W Carriage in University StudentsOldfield, Neil J.; Green, Luke R.; Parkhill, Julian; Bayliss, Christopher D.; Turner, David P. J.Journal Article
23-Feb-2018Reciprocal modulation of mesenchymal stem cells and tumor cells promotes lung cancer metastasis.Fregni, G.; Quinodoz, M.; Möller, E.; Vuille, J.; Galland, S.; Fusco, C.; Martin, P.; Letovanec, I.; Provero, P.; Rivolta, Carlo; Riggi, N.; Stamenkovic, I.Journal Article
4-Feb-2018Interspecific studies of circadian genes period and timeless in Drosophila.Noreen, Shumaila; Pegoraro, Mirko; Nouroz, Faisal; Tauber, Eran; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.Journal Article
28-Feb-2018Early life stages of Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) are sensitive to fish feed containing the anti-parasitic drug diflubenzuron.Bechmann, R. K.; Lyng, E.; Westerlund, S.; Bamber, S.; Berry, M.; Arnberg, M.; Kringstad, A.; Calosi, P.; Seear, Paul J.Journal Article
24-Jan-2018Human beta defensin (HBD) gene copy number affects HBD2 protein levels: impact on cervical bactericidal immunity in pregnancyJames, C. P.; Bajaj-Elliott, M.; Abujaber, Razan; Forya, F.; Klein, N.; David, A. L.; Hollox, Edward J.; Peebles, D. M.Journal Article
12-Apr-2018A phylogenetic framework facilitates Y-STR variant discovery and classification via massively parallel sequencingHuszar, Tunde I.; Jobling, Mark A.; Wetton, Jon H.Journal Article
16-Apr-2018Intracellular replication of Streptococcus pneumoniae inside splenic macrophages serves as a reservoir for septicaemiaOggioni, Marco R.; Ercoli, Giuseppe; Fernandes, Vitor E.; Chung, Wen Y.; Wanford, Joseph J.; Thomson, Sarah; Bayliss, Christopher D.; Straatman, Kornelis; Crocker, Paul R.; Dennison, Ashley; Martinez-Pomares, Luisa; Andrew, Peter W.; Moxon, E. RichardJournal Article
10-Apr-2018Mutations in COL1A1 Gene Change Dentin Nanostructure: A response.Dalgleish, RaymondJournal Article
29-Jun-2017Comparative cytogenomicsHeslop-Harrison, PatConference Paper
24-Jan-2018PHENOS: a high-throughput and flexible tool for microorganism growth phenotyping on solid media.Barton, David B. H.; Georghiou, Danae; Dave, Neelam; Alghamdi, Majed; Walsh, Thomas A.; Louis, Edward J.; Foster, Steven S.Journal Article
13-Sep-2017Allele specific expression and methylation in the bumblebee, Bombus terrestrisLonsdale, Zoe; Lee, Kate; Kiriakidu, Maria; Amarasinghe, Harindra; Nathanael, Despina; O'Connor, Catherine J.; Mallon, Eamonn B.Journal Article
22-Sep-2017Identification of Cis-Regulatory Modules that Function in the Male Germline of Flowering Plants.Peters, Benjamin; Aidley, Jack; Cadzow, Murray; Twell, David; Brownfield, LynetteJournal Article
22-Sep-2017Analysis of Fluorescent Reporter Activity in the Male Germline During Pollen Development by Confocal Microscopy.Twell, David; Brownfield, LynetteJournal Article
31-Jan-2018Complete mitogenomes from Kurdistani sheep: abundant centromeric nuclear copies representing diverse ancestorsMustafa, SI; Schwarzacher, T; Heslop-Harrison, JohnJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1163
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