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22-Sep-2017Nonsyndromic Parkinson disease in a family with autosomal dominant optic atrophy due to OPA1 mutationsLynch, DS; Loh, SH; Harley, J; Noyce, AJ; Martins, LM; Wood, NW; Houlden, H; Plun-Favreau, HJournal Article
24-Jul-2019Locomotor Behaviour and Clock Neurons Organisation in the Agricultural Pest Drosophila suzukii.Hansen, Celia Napier; Özkaya, Özge; Roe, Helen; Kyriacou, Charalambos P.; Giongo, Lara; Rosato, EzioJournal Article
30-Aug-2018Circulating tumor DNA in patients with colorectal adenomas: assessment of detectability and genetic heterogeneity.Myint, NNM; Verma, AM; Fernandez-Garcia, D; Sarmah, P; Tarpey, PS; Al-Aqbi, SS; Cai, H; Trigg, R; West, K; Howells, LM; Thomas, A; Brown, K; Guttery, DS; Singh, B; Pringle, HJ; McDermott, U; Shaw, JA; Rufini, AJournal Article
7-Feb-2019Bovine satellite DNAs–a history of the evolution of complexity and its impact in the Bovidae familyEscudeiro, A; Ferreira, D; Mendes-da-Silva, A; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Adega, F; Chaves, RJournal Article
21-Jan-2019Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonism limits experimental choroidal neovascularization and structural changes associated with neovascular age-related macular degeneration.Zhao, M; Mantel, I; Gelize, E; Li, X; Xie, X; Arboleda, A; Seminel, M; Levy-Boukris, R; Dernigoghossian, M; Prunotto, A; Andrieu-Soler, C; Rivolta, C; Canonica, J; Naud, M-C; Lechner, S; Farman, N; Bravo-Osuna, I; Herrero-Vanrell, R; Jaisser, F; Behar-Cohen, FJournal Article
1-Nov-2018The Malaria-Protective Human Glycophorin Structural Variant DUP4 Shows Somatic Mosaicism and Association with Hemoglobin Levels.Algady, W; Louzada, S; Carpenter, D; Brajer, P; Färnert, A; Rooth, I; Ngasala, B; Yang, F; Shaw, M-A; Hollox, EJJournal Article
17-Jul-2019Meta-analysis of GWA studies provides new insights on the genetic architecture of skin pigmentation in recently admixed populations.Lona-Durazo, F; Hernandez-Pacheco, N; Fan, S; Zhang, T; Choi, J; Kovacs, MA; Loftus, SK; Le, P; Edwards, M; Fortes-Lima, CA; Eng, C; Huntsman, S; Hu, D; Gómez-Cabezas, EJ; Marín-Padrón, LC; Grauholm, J; Mors, O; Burchard, EG; Norton, HL; Pavan, WJ; Brown, KM; Tishkoff, S; Pino-Yanes, M; Beleza, S; Marcheco-Teruel, B; Parra, EJJournal Article
14-Jul-2019Gastro-duodenal disease in Africa: Literature review and clinical data from Accra, Ghana.Archampong, TN; Asmah, RH; Richards, CJ; Martin, VJ; Bayliss, CD; Botão, E; David, L; Beleza, S; Carrilho, CJournal Article
18-Jul-2019Deleterious Mutation Accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana Pollen Genes: A Role for a Recent Relaxation of Selection.Harrison, Mark C.; Mallon, Eamonn B.; Twell, Dave; Hammond, Robert L.Journal Article
31-Jul-2018Type M resistance to macrolides is due to a two-gene efflux transport system of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) superfamilyWalsh, F; Jia, X; Iannelli, F; Santoro, F; Santagati, M; Docquier, JD; Lazzeri, E; Pastore, G; Cassone, M; Oggioni, MR; Rossolini, GM; Stefani, S; Pozzi, GJournal Article
8-Oct-2018Recombination hotspots in an extended human pseudoautosomal domain predicted from double-strand break maps and characterized by sperm-based crossover analysisPoriswanish, N; Neumann, R; Wetton, J; Wagstaff, J; Larmuseau, M; Jobling, MA; May, CJournal Article
2-Mar-2019Phylogenetic analysis of resistance to ceftazidime/avibactam, ceftolozane/tazobactam and carbapenems in piperacillin/tazobactam-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa from cystic fibrosis patients.Zamudio, Roxana; Hijazi, Karolin; Joshi, Chaitanya; Aitken, Emma; Oggioni, Marco R.; Gould, Ian M.Journal Article
28-Sep-2018Deubiquitinase Usp12 functions noncatalytically to induce autophagy and confer neuroprotection in models of Huntington's disease.Aron, R; Pellegrini, P; Green, EW; Maddison, DC; Opoku-Nsiah, K; Wong, JS; Daub, AC; Giorgini, F; Finkbeiner, SJournal Article
14-Aug-2018ImmunoFISH: Simultaneous Visualisation of Proteins and DNA Sequences Gives Insight Into Meiotic Processes in Nuclei of Grasses.Sepsi, Adél; Fábián, Attila; Jäger, Katalin; Heslop-Harrison, J. S.; Schwarzacher, TrudeJournal Article
24-Jul-2019A brain-permeable inhibitor of the neurodegenerative disease target kynurenine 3-monooxygenase prevents accumulation of neurotoxic metabolitesZhang, S; Sakuma, M; Deora, GS; Levy, CW; Klausing, A; Breda, C; Read, KD; Edlin, CD; Ross, BP; Wright Muelas, M; Day, PJ; O’Hagan, S; Kell, DB; Schwarcz, R; Leys, D; Heyes, DJ; Giorgini, F; Scrutton, NSJournal Article
19-Oct-2018Advanced molecular approaches pave the road to a clear-cut diagnosis of hereditary retinal dystrophies.Ravesh, Z; Dianatpour, M; Fardaei, M; Taghdiri, M; Hashemi-Gorji, F; Yassaee, VR; Miryounesi, MJournal Article
8-Jul-2019Methylation warfare: interaction of pneumococcal bacteriophages with their host.Furi, L; Crawford, LA; Rangel-Pineros, G; Manso, AS; De Ste Croix, M; Haigh, RD; Kwun, MJ; Engelsen Fjelland, K; Gilfillan, GD; Bentley, SD; Croucher, NJ; Clokie, MR; Oggioni, MRJournal Article
5-Jul-2019Phage-Resistant Phase-Variant Sub-populations Mediate Herd Immunity Against Bacteriophage Invasion of Bacterial Meta-PopulationsTurkington, Christopher J. R.; Morozov, Andrew; Clokie, Martha R. J.; Bayliss, Christopher D.Journal Article
30-May-2018Association of MTHFR polymorphism and periodontitis' severity in Indonesian malesAuerkari, EI; Purwandhita, R; Kim, KR; Djamal, N; Masulili, SLC; Suryandari, DA; Talbot, CConference Paper
20-Aug-2018hgvs: A Python package for manipulating sequence variants using HGVS nomenclature: 2018 Update.Wang, M; Callenberg, KM; Dalgleish, R; Fedtsov, A; Fox, NK; Freeman, PJ; Jacobs, KB; Kaleta, P; McMurry, AJ; Prlić, A; Rajaraman, V; Hart, RKJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1227
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