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Title: Electronic energy dissipation processes in doped rare gas clusters with a shell-like structure
Authors: Laarmann, Tim
von Haeften, Klaus
Wabnitz, Hubertus
Möller, Thomas
First Published: Feb-2002
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing
Citation: Surface Review and Letters, 2002, 9 (1), pp. 111-116.
Abstract: Energy relaxation processes of photoexcited ArM clusters (M < 50) covered with a shell of Kr atoms (up to 30 atoms) which are embedded in large NeN clusters (N = 3500) are investigated with energy-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. In the energy range of the Ne cluster absorption (16.5–18 eV) a strong energy transfer to the embedded Ar subcluster is observed, which results in desorption of electronically excited Ar* atoms. Ar* move through the Ne cluster, desorb and emit visible and near-infrared light in the vacuum (4p → 4s). By coating the Ar clusters with Kr atoms, the Ar lines disappear and 5p → 5s transitions of Kr become dominant. Additionally, new bands occur, which are assigned to transitions of perturbed atomic Ar 4p states inside Ne clusters. A simple kinematic model is suggested to describe the suppression of desorption of excited Ar atoms from Ne clusters.
DOI Link: 10.1142/S0218625X02002117
ISSN: 0218-625X,
eISSN: 1793-6667
Type: Article
Rights: Copyright © 2002 World Scientific Publishing Co.
Description: Metadata only entry
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