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This Collection is a temporary holding area for items deposited via IRIS to LRA. Any materials visible here will be subsequently transferred to the appropriate College and Departmental Collection section. Further information on depositing via IRIS to LRA is available.

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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
18-May-2016Dual Antenna Selection in Self-Backhauling Multiple Small Cell NetworksChen, Gaojie; Gong, Yu; Xiao, Pei; Tafazolli, RahimJournal Article
21-Jun-2017Low Latency Parallel Turbo Decoding Implementation for Future Terrestrial Broadcasting SystemsLuo, Hua; Zhang, Yue; Li, Wei; Huang, Li-Ke; Cosmas, John; Li, Dayou; Maple, Carsten; Zhang, XunJournal Article
18-Aug-2017A companion on the planet/brown dwarf mass boundary on a wide orbit discovered by gravitational microlensingPoleski, R.; Udalski, A.; Bond, I. A.; Beaulieu, J. P.; Clanton, C.; Gaudi, S.; Szymański, M. K.; Soszyński, I.; Pietrukowicz, P.; Kozłowski, S.; Skowron, J.; Wyrzykowski; Ulaczyk, K.; Bennett, D. P.; Sumi, T.; Suzuki, D.; Rattenbury, N. J.; Koshimoto, N.; Abe, F.; Asakura, Y.; Barry, R. K.; Bhattacharya, A.; Donachie, M.; Evans, Philip; Fukui, A.; Hirao, Y.; Itow, Y.; Li, M. C. A.; Ling, C. H.; Masuda, K.; Matsubara, Y.; Muraki, Y.; Nagakane, M.; Ohnishi, K.; Ranc, C.; Saito, T.; Sharan, A.; Sullivan, D. J.; Tristram, P. J.; Yamada, T.; Yamada, T.; Yonehara, A.; Batista, V.; Marquette, J. B.Journal Article
6-Jul-2016MESSENGER observations of cusp plasma filaments at MercuryPoh, G.; Slavin, J. A.; Jia, X.; DiBraccio, G. A.; Raines, J. M.; Imber, Suzanne M.; Gershman, D. J.; Sun, W. J.; Anderson, B. J.; Korth, H.; Zurbuchen, T. H.; McNutt, R. L.; Solomon, S. C.Journal Article
23-Apr-2018A mouse model of pre-pregnancy maternal obesity combined with offspring exposure to a high-fat diet resulted in cognitive impairment in male offspringZhu, C.; Han, T.-L.; Zhao, Y.; Zhou, X.; Mao, X.; Qi, H.; Baker, Philip N.; Zhang, H.Journal Article
19-May-2017A quadripartite approach to analysing young British South Asian adults’ dual cultural identityDey, Bidit Lal; Balmer, John M. T.; Pandit, Ameet; Saren, Mike; Binsardi, BenJournal Article
27-Oct-2017Using bandwidths to visualize and improve patient pathwaysWilliams, Sharon J.; Radnor, ZoeJournal Article
6-Apr-2018Human Placental Growth Hormone Variant in Pathological PregnanciesLiao, Shutan; Vickers, Mark H.; Stanley, Joanna L; Baker, Philip N.; Perry, Jo K.Journal Article
6-May-2016The Effect of Inadequate Initial Empiric Antimicrobial Treatment on Mortality in Critically Ill Patients with Bloodstream Infections: A Multi-Centre Retrospective Cohort StudySavage, R. D.; Fowler, R. A.; Rishu, A. H.; Bagshaw, S. M.; Cook, D.; Dodek, P.; Hall, R.; Kumar, A.; Lamontagne, F.; Lauzier, F.; Marshall, J.; Martin, C. M.; McIntyre, L.; Muscedere, J.; Reynolds, S.; Stelfox, H. T.; Daneman, N.Journal Article
8-Jan-2018Analysis of sequential hair segments reflects changes in the metabolome across the trimesters of pregnancyDelplancke, T. D. J.; de Seymour, J. V.; Tong, C.; Sulek, K.; Xia, Y.; Zhang, H.; Han, T.-L.; Baker, Philip N.Journal Article
23-Feb-2018Hyperspectral Unmixing via Low-Rank Representation with Space Consistency Constraint and Spectral Library PruningZhang, X.; Li, C.; Zhang, J.; Chen, Q.; Feng, J.; Jiao, L. C.; Zhou, HuiyuJournal Article
27-Mar-2018Feasibility of Improving Cerebral Autoregulation in Acute Intracerebral Haemorrhage (BREATHE-ICH) study: a protocol for an experimental interventional studyMinhas, Jatinder S.; Panerai, Ronney B.; Robinson, Thompson G.Journal Article
7-Sep-2017Effect of hydrogen charging on dislocation multiplication in pre-strained super duplex stainless steelLiang, X. Z.; Dodge, M. F.; Kabra, S.; Kelleher, J. F.; Lee, T. L.; Dong, HongbiaoJournal Article
19-Jun-2017The Regulation of Surrogacy: A Children's Rights PersepctiveWade, KatherineJournal Article
30-Jan-2018Bis(imino)pyridines Incorporating Doubly Fused Eight-Membered Rings as Conformationally Flexible Supports for Cobalt Ethylene Polymerization CatalystsWang, Z.; Solan, Gregory A.; Mahmood, Q.; Liu, Q.; Ma, Y.; Hao, X.; Sun, W. H.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15